Tuesday, 13 December 2011

A story we didnt get around to sharing

Ella stood fully clothed in the central lounge, she looked just as she felt, incredibly sexy. She knew she was wet in anticipation before they arrived. Her mind drifted back to the evening so far and forward to what was about to happen.
She had prepared carefully, new lingerie, her favourite shoes and a tight dress that showed off her slender figure. She enjoyed preparing herself, the wax from the day before left her mound soft and smooth, she took her time shaving her legs as she lounged in a warm bath. As she left the bath and started to dry herself she admired her body in the full-length mirror, touching herself and enjoying the feel of her fingers on her warm skin.
She slowly dressed, starting with the new lingerie he had bought for her for the occasion. A small G-string, black lace and sheer enough to make the slit between her legs obvious. A black lace bra the barely covered her nipples and gave her breasts a little oomph. A black lace suspender belt and lace top stockings. She liked the way she looked and knew they would too. She slid into the shoes she knew he liked her in, the ones he liked to fuck her in, the high heels that he said made her butt look so good. She looked at herself in the mirror and thought, “Damn, all I need now is a riding crop”.
She took the dress off the hanger and slid into it, silver and shiny, contrasting against the black lingerie and shoes. The dress was short but not too short, the lace tops of the stockings just appeared at the hem but only just. She turned and looked over her shoulder, yes the dress looked great and she smiled as she bent over a little to see how it looked riding up over the tops of her stockings. She wanted to touch herself there and then but hesitated, “I should wait, there is better in store for me tonight”.
They drove to the hotel in silence, he was as nervous as she. They had discussed Ella’s fantasy more than once, often while making love. But yet the feeling of actually going through with it was surreal and a perhaps even a little terrifying. What if something went wrong, what if they were aggressive or rude, what if worse awaited her. She bit her lip as she thought through what she was going to embark upon. This was new territory for her, something she had imagined many times but never really expected to experience.
They pulled up to the hotel entrance and he handed the keys to the valet, he had chosen well, no expense spared. She carried her small handbag and he a small briefcase. They had packed lightly, makeup, toiletries and nothing else. Little else was needed. They walked through the lobby and straight to the lift, he was prepared too, checked in earlier in the day, no delays, no questions, focus totally on the events that were about to unfold. They traveled up in the lift in silence, purposeful but tense. They reached the top floor and crossed the corridor to the door of the suite. He had chosen well, a 2-bedroom suite, large lounge, bathrooms, kitchen. Tastefully decorated and chic. A large coffee table was centered in the lounge.
He handed her a glass of wine, poured from the bottle he had opened earlier. She sipped it and enjoyed the heady aroma of the wine, he had let it breathe and she told herself “I need to remember to breathe too”. She looked around quizzically and before she could ask he said softly, “They will be here shortly Ella, I thought you would like to relax a little first”. He kissed her cheek and gave her a reassuring hug. “Its your birthday sweetheart, this is for you. Relax and enjoy yourself”. “Are you sure its ok?” she asked quietly. “I feel like I’m betraying you”. He looked directly at her and repeated the words, “Its your birthday sweetheart, this is for you”. “Thank you, this means so much” she replied.
He started, “As you know I’ve arranged a special evening for you, we will shortly be joined by 6 men, you know none of them, I know none of them and they don’t know each other”. They had discussed this in detail, it was so important that they were strangers and that no one ever spoke of this night. “Each of them has been given some guidelines, rules if you like that we expect them to follow, they will treat you with the utmost respect or they will be asked to leave. Are you ready for this?”. “Yes” she replied trembling slightly.
“Ok, then we will begin”. He opened the brief case and took out the black silk scarf and proceeded to blindfold her. “You can take this off if you need to darling but I want you to focus on your other senses tonight”. With that he reached over to his cellphone and pushed send on the text he had typed earlier. It was the cue for the first visitor to arrive.
Ella stood in the center of the room, anxious at what was about to happen but excited nevertheless. She had thought of this for many years and finally it was happening, he had arranged it for her, she knew then how much she was truly loved. A soft knock was heard from the door and he opened it and let the guest enter. “Ella, our first guest has arrived, you will know him as Jonathan. Say Hello”. “Hello Jonathan” Ella stammered. He motioned the man to approach her, encouraging him to kiss her softly on the cheek. Ella brushed her hand against his arm and felt the soft cloth of his expensive suit. He smelt good and she liked his soft yet masculine voice. So far so good.
Over a period of 15 minutes the other men arrived, each greeting Ella with a soft kiss. They did not speak to each other, they were there for her and they were clear on the roles they were to play.  Ella relaxed a little, although the prospect of 6 men there for her was daunting she was excited. And then he said it, “Im going to leave you now, I wont be far away but this is for you, not me. They know what to do”. She shuddered and bit her lip again, she hadn’t expected this. “Are you sure?” she said. “Yes completely, I will have my fun with you later”. With that he turned and left. She was reassured to hear the door of the bedroom close behind him, he wasn’t far away.
“Let us begin” said the man who had arrived first. “We’ve been given our roles, we will carry them out and then leave. You wont hear from us again. He is close by, you are very safe”. With that he whispered into her ear, “We are now going to take turns at undressing you, one by one”. “Ok, I would like that” she said shakily.
The first man brushed Ella’s cheek and swiftly moved around behind her. She felt his fingers caress her upper back and work their way down to the zip on the back of the dress. He was confident, it was clear he had done this many times. He eased open the zip and slid the dress off her shoulders. The dress dropped to the ground and she stepped out of it, more by instinct than anything else. The blindfold was tied tight and she couldn’t see a thing.
The man returned to his place, she sensed they were in a circle around her, she was right. The next man stepped forward and told her to sit back on the coffee table. He guided her to the table and she sat at the end of it. He knelt down and gently removed each shoe in turn, caressing her calves as he did so. She knew what he had meant about the senses, the touch, the sounds, the smells of the men. Denying her one of her senses simply heightened the others.
The next man stepped forward and asked her to stretch out her legs. He slowly removed her stockings, the right one first then the left. Carefully rolling them down her legs and caressing her thighs as he did so. She felt a gentle kiss on her inner thigh. She shivered but felt herself smile involuntarily. The ritual undressing continued, the next man removing her suspender belt and kissing her hip as he did so. This was followed by the removal of her bra accompanied by a gentle licking of her left nipple and a playful blow of air on it. The last man slowly removed her G-string, pausing to kiss her just above her lips. Each man paused as he finished to whisper “Ella, you are beautiful”.
She tried to visualize the men, she wanted to rip the blindfold off and see for herself but resisted. There were little clues in their voices and the brief touches they gave her. They were a variety of heights and ages. She was curious to see but far more curious to see what was to come next.
She stood before them naked and vulnerable, beautiful and powerful at the same time. She felt their eyes upon her, examining her, admiring her, wanting her. Her ears pricked at the sound of music playing in the room next door. He knew what was happening and had selected music for the occasion. To remind her that she was so dearly loved and to help her relax. Ella was relaxed, and she was smiling to herself, apprehensive but eager to see what was next.
She felt a pair of arms pick her up, this man at least was as tall as her and strong, she felt good in his arms, safe and secure. He gently laid her back on the coffee table, gently letting her head down on the table last. The table was solid timber, perhaps walnut, slightly cold to the touch but substantial. The table supported her weight and would easily have supported another; it was long enough so that just her calves and feet fell over the end onto the floor. The first man stepped back and was replaced by another, Jonathan, the first guest to arrive.
He whispered gently in Ella’s ear. “We are now going to begin the next part of the evening. We are going to tie your feet to the legs of the table, securely but not too hard I promise. If you feel unsafe or worried at all we will untie you but we want you to relax and give into us for now. Do you trust us?” “Yes I do, this is hard for me but I trust you” she said.
One ankle at a time Jonathan proceeded to tie her ankles to the table legs. He used lengths of fabric, not silk, not as soft and smooth but thicker and luxurious. He ran one of the cloth pieces over her thigh; she shivered at the feel of it, loving the texture. She smiled and thought, he has planned this well.
Ella was acutely aware that she was now naked and spread in front of 6 men who were complete strangers. She reached down to cover herself but was met with resistance, Jonathon gently grasping her wrist and whispering, “there is no need, you are perfect, please don’t hide yourself”. Ella let her hand fall and lay there knowing what they were thinking. She liked the thought of the power she had, tied, spread and vulnerable but knowing she held all the power. Knowing every penis in the room was erect, knowing they all wanted her.
Jonathan stepped back and made way for the next man. “Ella, I’m going to tie your hands together and to the third leg of the table. Do you trust me to do that? You can ask us to untie you at any time but we want you to submit to us. Are you ok with that?” “Yes, I am” she said, more confidently now. She was aware of her erect nipples, the moisture welling inside her, the involuntary arch in her back. She wanted to be touched and satisfied now but knew she had to wait, that would come. As he tied her hand back she felt the brush of his skin, he was naked also. They had undressed as they were undressing her. She felt the hairs on his arm against her face as he finished tying the knots. He had a clean, masculine smell, she loved it.
“And now Ella, the fun begins”, those were the last words she would remember for some time. Two of the men stepped forward and knelt either side of her. She felt a pair of lips brush across her left nipple. They were cold and moist. The second man did the same, his lips were warm, almost hot. One clearly had ice in his mouth, the other hot liquid, possibly coffee. They took turns alternating from nipple to nipple, hot then cold, cold then hot. Ella squirmed, this felt good, too good in some ways. The men placed a hand on either thigh and held her against the table. “Trust us Ella, relax and go with this”.
Ella’s body was alive and tingling, this was driving her to complete distraction. She wanted to be free, to have one of those penises inside her, to feel full. She knew that wasn’t happening soon. She knew how he operated, that she would have to wait for that. She knew the journey would be worth it but it would take time, she knew there would be surprises along the way.
The two men withdrew and a third approached. What would come next, what did this man have in store for her? She felt the table settle with the weight of another body, he was on the table with her, his thighs straddling her waist. She couldn’t see but she knew his erect penis was inches from her lips. She lifted her head and extended her tongue, trying to taste it but was thwarted as he gently but firmly pushed her head back onto the table. “Not yet Ella. Later perhaps” she felt the tip of his penis against her skin, he was lightly dragging the tip over her stomach and across her chest. It was hard and glistening with pre come. Ella groaned, she wanted that inside her. He kissed her neck gently and left the table.
There she laid, still vulnerable to them all. Wanting them as much as they wanted her, enjoying the power, enjoying their admiration, knowing she had there complete attention. She could feel a trail of moisture seeping from between her lips, and moved down the table a little to spread wider, dragging her ankles off the floor and up the table legs as far as the ties would allow. Completely open to them, knowing that they were staring openly at her. She heard the tell tale sound of hand on skin and knew at least 2 of the men were masturbating, enjoying the sight and sounds of her, the aroma of her arousal.
The last of the men came forward and knelt at the foot of the table between her bound ankles. “Yes” she thought, “my clit is aching”. He reached forward and gently kissed her soft lips, pausing to run his tongue between them, slowly up and down but refusing to go all the way to her clit, teasing her, making her wetter still. He gently kissed her thighs and stood up, backing away to the circle made by the others.
By now Ella was wetter than she could remember being, ever. The sensory experience was wonderful, every touch, every sound, every smell made her feel alive. Yet there was one sense she hadn’t experienced, the sense of taste. She wanted to taste them, one by one. She licked her lips in anticipation.
And she wasn’t denied. Jonathan once again took the lead and stood behind her on the floor. Feet either side of her he reached forward placing one hand on the table and then the other either side of her hips. He slowly eased his hips down over her face, easing his penis closer and closer to her lips. Brushing the tip against her lips Ella knew instinctively what it was. Her tongue slid out and over the head of his hard, glistening, circumcised penis. The texture was like velvet, she tried to take him into her eager mouth, he resisted, pulling away the closer she got. She loved the taste of him, wanting more as he pulled away.
Gradually each of the men gave themselves to her, positioning himself over her hungry tongue, just enough to delight her yet not enough to satisfy. Different positions, different angles, some cut some not. Ella pleaded for more but wasn’t aware of the rules that had been set out, this was about a taste only, just enough to make her want more. The different taste of each man, the shaved and unshaved, the different smells and textures. Head, shaft, testicles and fingers to suck on.
By now her body was aching for more. She pushed her hips further forward still, spreading her legs to show exactly where she wanted attention. “When are they going to get to my cunt, cant they see how bad I want it” she thought. She thought back to him in the next room, just for a fleeting moment, rather than feel guilty she was more turned on than ever. This man wanted her to experience this, to let go and be free with her sexuality, to fly uninhibited.
At that moment a voice whispered in her ear “You know have a choice to make Ella, he gave us options, the only rule being your permission. Do you want to know what’s next?” “Yes! Yes! Yes!” she pleaded hoping that at least one option involved someone’s head, fingers or penis between her legs and soon. “We are going to take turns in giving your pussy some attention and giving you some more of what you just enjoyed. You happy with that?” Ella grinned and simply said “I want that now!”
He had planned this well, she didn’t know where the next pair of hands, tongue or penis was coming from or who it belonged to. For what seemed like forever she was licked and fingered and presented with one penis after another while hands touched her body, caressed her legs and her breasts, groped her butt, sucked on her fingers.
She writhed in ecstasy, experiencing feelings she had never felt before. The nuances of taste and touch from man to man, the way one licked her compared to another, the one who knew just how she liked to be fingered.
Slowly as the men themselves got closer and closer to coming they stepped back leaving Jonathan to bury his tongue into her gaping pussy. He held her hips firmly to keep her still and drove his tongue as far into her as he could. Finishing by kissing her and having her smell and taste her own juices. She had fingered herself and tasted it once or twice but this was different, the mix of sweat, saliva from the men and her own juices was intoxicating.
Ella knew there was one thing she had told him she wanted more than anything else. Would they do that for her, would they surround her and come over her, would they do that with all those other men present, would they be so turned on that they didn’t care? Did she really have that much power over these strangers?
Jonathan leaned over to whisper again, by now she knew his smell and knew when he was close. “Do you want it Ella? Do you want the special thing you have never had, the thing you like to watch?” “Yes, I want it!” Ella screamed back at him. “I want it and I want one at a time, I want if on my breasts, in my face, down my throat, in my hair!”
So one by one they took turns, looking down at her, tied to the table, spread wide and begging them each to come. They came, one by one until they were all done. Ella loved the hot semen splashing onto her, she knew it was everywhere and she smelled of sex. The one place they didn’t come was on her pussy, that was the place he liked to come. The last rule was just that at the thought and wondered if her would do that for her when they returned home at the end of the evening.
She listened as the men dressed, not bothering to shower and begin to leave. They left smelling of her, the scent of a powerful woman. They each said their goodbyes and left in almost the same order in which they had arrived 2 hours earlier.

Saturday, 10 December 2011

Cleaning up some old pictures

Thought you might all enjoy this. It might take a little while but click on the picture and watch closely



Monday, 5 December 2011

A parting gift from Ella, Danielle and I

Well everyone its been a fun ride and we've had a ball. Ella and I need to go our separate ways now and move on with our lives. We have a bond that will endure and maybe, just maybe will share some more adventures in the future.

Ella and I talked and we agreed to put up one last video. This is Ella on her recent trip from a hotel in Italy, enjoying a little luxury. The footage is Ella's, taken while alone in the hotel. The editing is mine and the music is Danielle's and holds special significance for her.

We all hope you enjoy. Visit the blog if you are reading this in an email :)

Bye for now

Ella, Mark and Danielle

All good things come to an end


just a quick note to let you know that we are closing down this blog. Basically for Ella and I it has run its course and the itch we wanted to scratch has been well and truly scratched.

I may well start up another blog at some stage but for now its bye from us.

Thanks for the support and take care

Mark and Ella

Monday, 28 November 2011

Ella all to myself..

Looks like the deadline for our competition was a little tight for many of you so this time round I get Ella all to myself after a break of a couple of months. That's far from a tragedy so we are looking forward to an evening together on Thursday. Maybe, just maybe we will share some of the details and even post a picture or two but primarily its an evening for us to reconnect and spend some quality time together.

Re the competition if you are interested in a Skype session with Ella send us a compelling email and we will consider it. It's over to you, make us an offer we cant refuse and you too can have some intimate time with Ella. You can get us at mjames2244@gmail.com

Ella and Mark

Friday, 25 November 2011

Something a little different

As some of you might be aware I'm also a photographer. I originally met Ella several years ago when she agreed to model for me. From there our relationship grew and I have photographed her many, many times over the years.

But along the way I've photographed an awful lot of other women. As we are now a private group I'm able to share a little bit of my work and some of those women. Most of ,my work is more on the artistic end but there have been some more erotic shots as well. Over time I will share a selection with you.

So as a start here is a selection for your viewing pleasure


Thursday, 24 November 2011

Ella is winging her way home

Hi everyone

Ella is on her way home for a short visit. It's a long trip for her so wont catch up with her for a few days. Expect to see some new material from the two of us over the next week or so. Sadly Danielle's travel plans clash we think :(

Don't forget the competition. If you are entering get your entries in quick, we will have a limited window and want to take advantage of it.

Meanwhile if you're following us by email and still get the updates even though you aren't a member we will be turning off that feature shortly. We have a few memberships left (google limits the number you can have) so get in quickly if you want one. Email me on mjames2244@gmail.com and I can sort that out for you


Wednesday, 23 November 2011

In case you havent looked..

We still have a few of our videos up on rapidshare in full 1080p HD. You're welcome to download them and we may well get the opportunity to add a few more in the near future. So if you like what you see say so, and be brave and tell us what you would like to see :)

Links are





Ella and Mark

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

New competition - Read carefully

Have you ever imagined what it would be like to be alone with Ella? Well we cant promise you that but we can offer the next best thing..

Your own one on one session with Ella or perhaps two on one. You and your partner on Skype from anywhere in the world for a very personal conversation with Ella, captured on video by Mark!

Like the thought of getting to share some intimate moments with Ella? Tell us why you think you deserve the privilege. Email us with a picture of you and your ideas, and the best response gets exactly that, a personal and very intimate conversation with Ella.

And if you're not lucky enough to win you might just get to see a little of the fun

You have 4 days to respond from now. So 05:00 GMT on the 26th of November is the cutoff point.

And just to give you a little example of what you might get to enjoy, check out one of Ella's video treats she sent Mark recently :) We hope you enjoy

Ella and Mark

PS mjames2244@gmail.com or ejames2244@gmail.com

Sunday, 20 November 2011

Competition: We have a winner

Hi Everyone,

the competition has now closed and we have a winner. We've contacted him and his prize will be on its way shortly. He chose the white G-String so that's what he wins. And from what he has said we know we have a very happy winner.

The good news is that Ella will be home soon and we will make sure we get some pics of her in the red and black ones. We're also putting some thought into the next competition too. I think we can get Ella in the mood for something special, in fact I have an idea to run by Ella that I think you will all like.

Mark (and Ella)

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

As requested a sexy pic for you

hi guys wow i must admit the comments are really turning me on and hopefully this can keep you going, i love the comments.. kiss kiss grace

Friday, 11 November 2011

Competition: What's your favorite colour?

So we move onto our first competition. Mark recently sent Ella a gift which arrived via the vagaries of the European postal service. The gift was 3 pairs of gstrings in different colours. There are two parts to the competition. The first is the poll on the right hand side of the blog, vote for your favourite colour of knickers as modeled by Ella below. The winner of the competition will get the gstring concerned directly from Ella together with a personal note.

What do you need to do to win? Well, you need to comment on this post telling us why you deserve a pair of Ella's knickers and what you would like Ella to do with them before she send them to you. Use your imagination and don't be shy. We look forward to hearing from you and soon, we will run the competition for a week.

Either post using your member id (don't worry, we are a private group now) or if you prefer to be anonymous just drop us an email to take credit for your post (mjames2244@gmail.com or ejames2244@gmail.com).

And now, here is Ella modelling the 3 colours, Red, White and Black. Dont forget to vote!

Ella and Mark

Ok everyone we are now members only

Welcome aboard everyone and thanks for coming along for the ride. Now that we have a members only blog we can change things around a little and start rolling out a few new ideas and features. To kick things off Ella and I have arranged a little competition that we think you will like. Details on that will follow shortly, we are just editing up the pictures that go with it, expect those shortly.

Just to give you a little taste of what we have in mind here is a few of the things we have been discussing

  • Opening things up to other contributors. You've seen that Danielle and Grace have joined us and we would like more of you to do likewise. If you would like to join in email us (mjames2244@gmail.com or ejames2244@gmail.com) and tell us what you would like to be contribute. If we like the idea we will add you to the contributors list and you will be free to contribute too.
  • A name change. We want this blog to be about all of us, not just Ella and I. So we will be encouraging you to share your sexual experiences too. Feel free to send through your suggestions for a new name and we will share a few of ours too.
  • Sharing more of our photography. As we are now a closed community we can start to share some more photography. Mark has photographed well over 100 women in the last few years, now we would like to share some of that with you. Any of you who are photographers can also contribute.
  • Pushing a few boundaries aside. You will see as we go but we have some fun ideas we would like to share with you and we would love you to join in and come play with us.
Anyway, welcome to the next stage of this journey. We are very much looking forward to it and hope you will enjoy the ride too. Most of all, join in and participate, you wont regret it. The closed community means we can be far more outrageous

More soon
Ella and Mark

Monday, 7 November 2011

A new poll and other news

Hi again everyone, 

please respond to the poll on the right hand side of the blog. We are interested in the make up of our audience and matching the content to suit. As I said to Danielle yesterday we don't only want to cater to hetrosexual males like me and will happily push boundaries in other directions if the audience includes those otherwise inclined. We will have a couple more follow up polls to get a little better understanding too.

A big welcome to Grace who is keen to join us and post too. You will have seen her latest post and her feelings on what she likes :)

I had an email from Ella overnight and the news is that I'm going to see her a month earlier than expected. A lovely surprise.

Stay posted and dont forget to request an invite if you don't have one yet, the end of teh week looks like the cutoff to go members only, we would hate to lose you!


PS A pic for Danielle, I know how much you like this series x

Thanks for the invite

I feel so turned on when I look at this sexy blog, I find myself wanting to have cocks slipped deep inside my wet Chinese pussy, I am so hungry for fucking. I really enjoy big thick cock and at the moment have a bit of a fetish for black and Asian cock.

I love to see my photos online so I know other men are wanking over me and thinking of fucking me, kiss kiss

New Contributors and other news

Hi everyone. Were pleased to announce that we have two new contributors to the blog, firstly Danielle who you should all be familiar with by now and next Grace from Seattle (see this post) who mailed us recently. We look forward to some new content from both of these contributors and will take more on as time moves on. Enjoy!

The move to a members only site is progressing. There is a limit on the number of members so if you haven't had an invite email us (mjames2244@gmail.com) as soon as possible to make sure you dont miss out.

Saturday, 5 November 2011

Invites are out...

Hi all

gradually migrating to members only. If you haven't received your invite yet, email us (mjames2244@gmail.com) now and we will get one out to you.

In other news Danielle has joined us an author and you will see some content from her shortly (provided you become a member!). As part of the member only site we will be looking for other contributors too so if you have something to say or show let us know. Love to hear from you

Ella, Mark and Danielle

Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Moving to members only

Well the poll was relatively comprehensive and it seems a fair number of people are happy to go down the members only route so we will move to that over the next few days. Points to note
  • Everyone who has registered to follow by email will get an invite and can join
  • Everyone who follow us will automatically become members (or at least I think so, thats what the blogspot help says)
  • Anyone who wants to become a member can simply email Mark at mjames2244@gmail.com for an invite
  • If you have any friends you want to invite email us and we will invite them
I expect we may flick back to public mode from time to time but if you want to stay in the loop please accept your invite when it arrives or email us for one. And just to make it worthwhile we have a treat planned. As we go to a private blog we are happier to engage more closely with you which means we can step it up a notch. 
So to celebrate going to a private blog we are planning a competition. And the prize? One of Ella's new gstrings! So if you think you would like a very personal gift from Ella join up. And rest assured there will be more to come.

Ella and Mark

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Considering members only site

Hi all, 

we have built up a solid following now and really want to keep our blog niche and interact with people of like minds. We are considering moving to a members only type site so that we have a little more control over who we let in. We could simply change the blog to member only and send everyone who has email notifications or follows the blog an invitation.

To clarify we aren't necessarily talking about a pay site or any form of membership fee, security and privacy is the real issue. Though we have some ideas that you might like to contribute a few $ too, we will talk about those separately.

We would be grateful if you could respond to the poll on the right hand side of the blog and also give us your thoughts.


Mark and Ella

PS Hope you like red nail polish :)

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Hi Ella

Poor Ella has been unwell and feeling a little lonely and miserable so I called her this evening to say hello and cheer her up a little. It was late her time and she couldn't sleep so I suggested that some relaxation and satisfaction might be in order. And sure enough it was. You can see a little of that below :)

Neither of us have had much time for this of late, sorry about that. Both busy and have the flu (ironically in my spring and Ella's autumn). We have a couple of posts that are close to complete we will share shortly and Ella has a little treat waiting in her email when she wakes up that may just result in some more ;-)

Meanwhile take a little peak at Ella enjoying herself and tell her how sexy she is, right now she could do with cheering up 



Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Next HD Video Available

Hi again everyone. The next 1080P video is uploaded and ready for your viewing pleasure. Its the high def version of Part IV the final video. You can download it by clicking here.

We hope you enjoy

Ella and Mark

Monday, 10 October 2011

Something in our mail

One of the great things about running our blog is the feedback we get. Sometimes we get a little something special in the email like we have today.

"Hi Ella, 

I'm loving your blog and particularly your photographs. We share a love of photography and thought you might enjoy this shot we took recently. Hope you like. 

Shame we are in Boston, not France, we could have some fun together

Grace xox"

Well, thank you Grace for the email and for letting us share your pic. Anyone else who has a photograph or two you would like to share (a photo of your own of course), feel free to email us mjames2244@gmail.com


Almost 40,000 page views

Hi Everyone,

Seems our blog is still pretty popular and we've got a good following going. We've reached almost 40,000 pageviews now, thanks for all your support. Things have been very busy for both of us, I'm deep into a project at work that finishes shortly and Ella is settling into a new life (at least for a few months) in a new city, in a foreign country and working at the language.

There is some new content coming shortly, we will get there eventually. So thanks for the patience. I'm also loading up 1080p versions of our videos as time and bandwidth allows so keep an eye out for those. Love to hear about how you've enjoyed those too by the way  :-)

Thanks also for the poll answers, will keep those going and find out your preferences and try to fine tune our content to those.

More soon

Mark and Ella


Friday, 7 October 2011

At last, HD video uploads underway

Hi everyone, I know these have been a while coming. A few technical issues with our local ISP but pleased to say we are now back on track. The first video is from our post on the 25th of August, The video series you've been waiting for Part III and the download can be found here. We hope you enjoy.

Meanwhile we've tweaked the layout of the blog to allow bigger videos and pictures. Give us your feedback and let us know if you have any issues.
Ella and Mark

Friday, 30 September 2011

What Ella and Mark got up too...

Hey Everyone,

After her afternoon with Danielle, Ella and I had a little time together. We thought you might like a snippet of what we got up to together. Hope you enjoy watching as much as we enjoyed participating.



PS as always if you are reading this via email visit ellaandmark.blogspot.com to view the video

Thursday, 29 September 2011

New poll

Hi everyone. One of the reasons we run this blog is for the feedback we get. We really want to engage with our audience and deliver the content you want. That's why you will see polls on the blog from time to time. We would really appreciate your feedback. So please take a moment to vote in the poll.

We have more content coming and look forward to your feedback on that but you can also shape the content to an extent. Feel free to tell us what you would like to see and we will do our best to give you that :)

Ella and Mark

Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Poll results

Thanks to everyone for voting. A reasonable spread across all types of content. Interestingly our photography came out on top so we will share more of that. Ella will be back on deck shortly so stay posted.

Meanwhile another shot of Ella and Danielle together we hope you like. 


Thursday, 22 September 2011

Thanks for the poll feedback

Hi Everyone

As some of you will have noticed we are running a quick poll to get your opinion on the type of content you want to see. The results so far show you like the variety so that's good to hear but we are interested in everyone's opinion.So if you haven't already voted please take a couple of minutes to vote.

As usual if you're reading this via an email update visit ellaandmark.blogspot.com to vote.



PS Ella will be back soon as she settle into her new home and is eager to finish the story about her afternoon with Danielle. As a treat here is one of the images form that afternoon. Let her know what you think :)

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

While I was waiting

It had been far too long, Danielle and I hadn't been together for some time and I was so looking forward to seeing her again, feeling her soft skin against mine, her lips on mine and over my body and once again exploring her body. I had prepared for this, freshly waxed legs and pussy, dressed in my favorite lingerie, a good nights sleep. And now the day was here.

I arrived early at the hotel, leaving work at least 2 hours early. The suite was pleasant, it was a beautiful day outside. I had promised myself I would behave and wait patiently for Danielle, I knew however that I couldn't resist. "Just relax and listen to some music" I said to myself as I looked out at the beautiful sunny, autumn afternoon. I removed my jeans and slowly undid my blouse

The sun was warm on my legs as I slowly peeled off my blouse loving the soft fabric as it caressed my skin. I love undressing slowly like this. And yes I love being naked

Id worn my favorite lingerie, a black set with lots of lace and a thong with a mesh front. Mark loves the way my pussy looks through the mesh and I know Danielle will love it too. I let my blouse fall to the ground. The warm sun shining through the curtains felt so good on my skin. For a moment I considered pulling back the curtains and letting the workers in the office across from the hotel see me, but decided against it. That could wait.

I left the warmth of the sun and settled into the chair in front of the window. I looked out the window across at the buildings surrounding the hotel and listened to the sounds of the city. A Wednesday afternoon full of hustle and bustle strangely comforting as I sat back and contemplated what was to come. This was so much better than sitting back at my desk at work.

I so wanted to touch myself, explore my body, enjoy what Danielle would enjoy later. I sat there practically naked, as Mark liked me and just as Danielle liked me too. I spread my legs a little and enjoyed the warm air wafting over them from the open window.

There was no point resisting, my hands went to my breast and down towards my pussy as my mind went to Danielle. And in particular between Danielle's thighs to her beautiful moist pussy. It had been far too long.

I love the feel of my fingers across the mesh of these panties and I adore the mesh against my smooth mound. These are made for a freshly waxed pussy and you have to admit they look great on don't you. But now they had to come off, I need to explore myself and enjoy some private please. I stood and unhooked my bra, letting it fall to the ground.

I gently caressed my breasts, I love the firmness of them and my nipples. The were hard already and very sensitive to my touch. I stood there in my panties knowing they had to come off too.

I sat back in the chair naked. Mmmm I could feel my self getting moist. This self denial was just accentuating the sensations. 

I slowly spread my thighs and sat there exposed. I smiled as I thought of what the office workers would think of me sitting there naked, exposing myself to them. If only they could see what was going on behind those net curtains.

I looked down my body, past my breasts, over my stomach and down over my ever so smooth pussy. I knew my lips were starting to grow, as Mark put it the petals of my flower were opening, welcoming his tongue and then his cock. But for this night it would be Danielle who had the pleasure of my cunt, not Mark. I loved knowing he knew but this evening I loved the thought of Danielle's tongue inside me.

And then my phone buzzed, it was a message form Danielle. "Darling Im leaving work now, I will see you in 20 minutes". There I sat naked, wet, wanting to pleasure myself. Too late for that time to dress and greet Danielle. One little stroke of my clit and off to shower and prepare.

A great start to the evening but much more delight to come. 

Stay posted and join Danielle and I for more


Ella xox

Saturday, 17 September 2011

Waiting for Danielle

As we've said Ella and Danielle spent an afternoon together recently and we were fortunate enough to photograph them together. You will get to see the shots and the story Ella is writing about that afternoon in the next week or so. In editing the photographs I stumbled across this shot of Ella waiting for Danielle to arrive, thought you might like to see it too


Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Ella's favorite toy

Hey everyone,

As you know Ella is off on her adventure and will be back here with all of us once she settles into her new home for the next few months. Spoke to her yesterday, she is tired but happy and says Hi. 

Before she left we had an opportunity to create some more content and here is another video from that evening. I know we can expect more content from Ella while she is away and perhaps a few surprises.

You've seen photographs of Ella with her glass dildo and read her story (if you havent, you should skip back to What's in the Post for the back plot). Many of you have asked for this so here it is.



PS as always if you are reading this via email visit ellaandmark.blogspot.com to view the video

A change of pace...

As mentioned in my last post Ella and I go way back and a lot of our time together was spent on our photography. Here is a selection we know some of you will enjoy. If its not your cup of tea don't fret we will be back to some erotic stuff before too long.

Click on the images to see larger :-)