Monday, 5 December 2011

A parting gift from Ella, Danielle and I

Well everyone its been a fun ride and we've had a ball. Ella and I need to go our separate ways now and move on with our lives. We have a bond that will endure and maybe, just maybe will share some more adventures in the future.

Ella and I talked and we agreed to put up one last video. This is Ella on her recent trip from a hotel in Italy, enjoying a little luxury. The footage is Ella's, taken while alone in the hotel. The editing is mine and the music is Danielle's and holds special significance for her.

We all hope you enjoy. Visit the blog if you are reading this in an email :)

Bye for now

Ella, Mark and Danielle


  1. Dear sweet Ella: first and foremost thank you so much for this last video of you. I was so thrilled to get to see your magnificent bum completely unadorned by any garment and totally nude for so much time like in this video. I had been waiting for a chance like that where you would allow me to see your bum in all of it's full glory and I was in blissful bum heaven throughout the entire time you allowed it to be seen in this video. Throughout the course of time that your blog was running I had ample opportunity to see every other area of your incredibly sexy and sensual body many times over fully exposed nude, but had never been able to see your bum that way until now and I just wanted you to know how thrilled and how satisfied I am with having seen your bum so much in this video.
    Secondly: it sure is a very sad occassion to hear that the blog is being shut down and I shall miss it greatly as I'm sure many others will also, however, I realize that things like this happen and I am very happy that I was able to experience the pleasure of seeing you as much as I did while the blog was active through all of your photos and your wonderful erotic videos................con't Brady.

  2. ............BTW, I saved everyone of your photos and videos that I could and like a moth that is drawn to the flame I shall be drawn to the beautiful flame that is you and cherish the ability of seeing you whenever the thought of you comes to mind thanks to having saved everything of you,and Thanks to Mark for all of his expert photography and skills.
    Having been the "winner" in getting to receive my favorite color of the tiny g string nickers that you modeled was an unbelievable feeling and when they arrive they will be worshipped because they are something tangible that I can touch that was worn by you and them with your pictures and videos shall be an eternal flame to draw this "moth" to and I sure hope they arrive soon.
    I beseech and beg of you that if ever you again have a blog please invite me to participate in it............con't

  3. ......I certainly wish you the best of everything going forward and you are one of the most pleasing person's that I have ever seen and I certainly hope that I have not seen the last of you. I would so love to hear from you someday and I can't wait to recieve the g string nickers.
    With true love and affection of everything about you.............- - Brady Saxon.~ ~

  4. Genuinely sorry to see you go. You will both (all?) be missed. It is the rare woman with both the courage and the beauty that Ella possesses. I, for one, am thankful for what you have shared. Here's hoping you will not stay out of sight forever.

  5. Ella, Danielle and Mark, what a perfect parting beautiful and sensuous, and, my god, what a view of Ella's glorious body.

    May I ask, what is the music in the video? I need to add it to my collection of love making music. Thank you...for everything...

  6. We will surly miss you! Can onlt imagine why you are leaving but have a good idea. All The Best!

  7. I will miss all you were about. If you ever start another biog I hope I am invites. Again thank you for letting me be a part of it. Good luck to all of you.


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