Sunday, 28 August 2011

Part IV - The final video!

Hi Everyone, I hope your having a lovely weekend. I've just arrived home after a couple of days in the countryside with a girl friend. After a long drive home I'm feeling tired and a little uptight. I just logged onto our blog too see that Mark has been viewing the final video in this series. At last I'm alone, I've poured myself a glass of wine and have cuddled up on my bed to view the video myself. I love this final video, I look at my body and pussy and think 'Oh wow, that's so fucking hot and sexy, I can't believe it's me'. I really love viewing this video because it allows me to see myself in a way that I have never really seen myself. I love it because it makes me feel like such a sensul, beautiful, erotic young woman. I hope you enjoy this video, please share your thoughts and comments as I really do LOVE reading them. Thank you for joining me on my sexual journey, it's only just begun. I'm only 3 months into my 'dirty thirties' :-)

This is the last video in this series. Our next series will be very different and I know you will love it. I will tell you more after our next photo shoot.

Love Ella

ps- Marks message follows x

And onto the final part of this series. Yes, that is what you think it is oozing out of Ella's pussy thanks to Mark. If we get enough requests we might just make a video of what happened between Part III and Part IV but for now you can enjoy this. What you don't see in the video is what Mark was doing while he watched Ella. Ask nicely and Ella might just tell too.

Enjoy and as always visit the site ( to view the video if you are reading this via an email update.

Ella and Mark

Saturday, 27 August 2011

We are apart but the thoughts dont fade..

I'm sitting in a hotel room in Sydney Australia so many miles away from Ella. It will be another week before I get to be with her again. I've been reading over some of the other stories we have written and thinking about the adventures that are to come.

In a little over a week, Ella, Danielle and I will spend an afternoon together photographing and perhaps videoing the two of them together. Ella darling, you know how much you are going to enjoy that and just how wet your sweet cunt will be. You know how good my cock is going to feel inside you when we are alone later in the evening, how hard I am going to fuck you don't you?

Perhaps you would like to share how that makes you feel for all of us?


PS I'm about to watch the video you are going to share with everyone else when you are ready.. You know how much I love it

Thursday, 25 August 2011

The video series you've been waiting for Part III

Ella's really into it now and this video shows just how much attention her pussy needed. I was there, I know how much Ella was into herself at this point, hope that comes across in the video too. Tell her how much you enjoy watching her and you might just get to see something special in part IV.

Ahh happy memories of a very very enjoyable evening

As always visit the blog ( to view the video if you're reading this in an email

Mark and Ella

Saturday, 20 August 2011

The video series you've been waiting for Part II

As promised here is a little more. Ella has selected what she wants to wear and settles back to enjoy herself, watch on as the sexual excitement builds. Let Ella know what your thinking and encourage her to post the next video. They get hotter and hotter.

As always visit the blog to see the video ( if you are reading this in an email.

Ella and Mark

ps: I hope you have a lovely weekend and enjoy watching our video of me pleasuring myself. Wow I look hot in these videos, I'm making myself wet just watching them. I'm alone so I think I will relax and watch this video while I pleasure myself. Enjoy this new video as much as I will. Ella.

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

The video series you've been waiting for

We hope you enjoyed the last couple of video's. They were shot as a prelude to the series you are about to see. There are fours videos in total. The first that you will see below shows Ella selecting what to wear before pursuing an interlude of self discovery, one that ends in a very erotic scene indeed. We know you are going to love it. Enjoy this one and the others will follow in the days to come.

Ella will decide when the others are posted so give her the encouragement she craves. She gets so much from me but loves it from you too, the anonymous and not so anonymous amongst you who are sharing in her adventure of sexual awakening.
As always if you are subscribed via email you need to visit to see the video



Monday, 15 August 2011

Welcome Ella's friend Danielle

Well the weekend is over but I have some exciting news for you all.  On Saturday afternoon I meet Danielle in a local bar for a glass of wine.  For those of you who are familiar with our stories you will know exactly who I am talking about.  For those of you who are not familiar with my good  friend Danielle I suggest you take a look at some of our older stories.
Danielle and I sat by the fire and discussed our future creative relationship together.  Danielle loves our blog and would love to be part of our special corner of the internet.  She loves what the blog represents, how it’s our expression of personal and sexual discovery.  She too agrees that life is a journey and we only truly live if we allow ourselves to lead a brave uninhibited life and to create a life story to remember.
Danielle and I are currently sharing ideas for a new story which we will soon share with you all.  We have arranged to spend an afternoon together in three week’s time.  Danielle, Mark and I will meet one another in a classy hotel room where he will capture us acting out our story for you all.
This is where we ask for your help…… We want you to help us write our new story.  We want you to share your ideas for a new Ella and Danielle story. What adventures do we  get up to?, what lingerie do we wear?, what do we chat about over a glass of wine?, what does Danielle’s Bi husband and my lover Mark think about my friendship with Danielle.   
I can’t wait to see your ideas.
Ella x

Thursday, 11 August 2011

New video Part 2

Well I get the fun of not only taking photographs of Ella and videoing her enjoying herself but also doing the editing. This is the next part of a series that has a way to go yet. Lets just say you will enjoy this as we build up to more and more explicit footage.

As Ella promised we will keep posting the series as long as we know you are enjoying it. So keep the comments coming and we will keep the video's coming. And who knows maybe even the two of us coming as well. As Ella hinted the end is worth waiting for, if you want to see what Ella looks like freshly fucked with my come running out of her oh so sweet, wet cunt, you know what to do! Share your thoughts and tell us exactly what you're thinking.

I will also put 1080p versions up on rapidshare in due course, great to see so many of you have downloaded the earlier ones.


PS - If you are looking at this in an email visit to see the video 

Next video is on its way...

If you enjoyed Ella undressing and remember where we left off you will like the next video. Just editing it now and selecting some music. Watching it and remembering that afternoon is making me hard, and luckily I get to spend some time with Ella again soon.

Keep an eye out, it wont be far away

Mark :)

Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Our next series of videos - Part 1

All your fun, exciting, and explicit messages encouraged us to create a new video for your enjoyment.  We have received many requests for two things; these were to see my face and to see me in my every day life.  Last week Mark and I spent the evening together in a lovely old lodge on the outskirts of the city.  During the course of the evening we filmed about an hours worth of footage of me undressing myself after work, me admiring myself in the mirror and then me pleasuring myself on the bed with the final shot being Marks cum dripping from my pussy.
We love the footage so much that we decided to release it to you in several instalments.  We hope you enjoy the first instalment of our lovely evening together.  Please let us know what you think of the first video in this series.  If you all LOVE the video then we will release the second instalment sooner than we expected, it all depends on your feedback, so tell us what you think!!

Love Ella x
PS- I love knowing you are all watching me undress from your separate corners of the world, it gets me so wet.

PPS - If you are looking at this in an email visit to see the video

Tuesday, 2 August 2011

1080p Downloads of our videos

Hi, we promised and have had a few requests for HD downloads of our videos. Pleased to say these are now available via Rapidshare. You can download them from the following links

Video 1

Video 2

From time to time we will post more videos and we will include a Rapidshare link for you. 


Our second video

Hi Everyone

We had such a great reaction to the first one that Mark has put together a second one from some clips taken the day we did our last photoshoot. Let us know what you think, love your comments!

We will put all the high res versions up on rapidshare when Mark gets time. So expect an update letting you know the details in due course.

Ella and Mark

PS If you are receiving email updates you need to go to the blog to watch the video

Monday, 1 August 2011

Coming soon, our second video

Hi everyone, we had such a great reaction to our first video that we have a second one ready for you. Expect that in a day or so.

I more good news Ella and I get to see each other again this week and you all know what that means, more pictures of course, and perhaps even some more video. We're also trying to arrange an appearance by Danielle, more on that later.

In the meantime enjoy

Ella and Mark