Wednesday, 17 August 2011

The video series you've been waiting for

We hope you enjoyed the last couple of video's. They were shot as a prelude to the series you are about to see. There are fours videos in total. The first that you will see below shows Ella selecting what to wear before pursuing an interlude of self discovery, one that ends in a very erotic scene indeed. We know you are going to love it. Enjoy this one and the others will follow in the days to come.

Ella will decide when the others are posted so give her the encouragement she craves. She gets so much from me but loves it from you too, the anonymous and not so anonymous amongst you who are sharing in her adventure of sexual awakening.
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  1. Ella stunning as always,love the collar sexy & the little smile nice touch.could watch u dressing /undressing all day, but you would look hot no matter what u wear.
    xxx on ur pussy. DG.

  2. Wow .... What a sweet, sexy and teasing video !!
    I love to see Ella get dressed / undressed :)
    I'm very fond of sexy black lingerie xxx But red lingerie is also very arousing ;)

    Ella, you're a stunning lovely lady with a strinkg beauty !!!

    Let those other hot and seducing videos coming !!! Can't wait to see them :)


  3. This is great again. Elle has perfect body. I like her with , or without lingerie. Thanks for share with us.

  4. Wow Elle your so sexy id love to bend you over pull your knickers down and lick your tight pussy from behind. Thanks Sean

  5. Just a Great video to watch - relaxing!

  6. very hot. love the collar look.

  7. Hey Ella and Mark,
    Breathtaking ! your clips are very hot, teasing and beautiful. I can see you have a great taste
    An idea to get Ella really hot? Why don't you try a little light bondage? If Ella is tied to the bed you can tease her as you like. I know it's a great game and I'm sure your fans will love to see the movie. Please go on and make us happy. love


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