Saturday, 27 August 2011

We are apart but the thoughts dont fade..

I'm sitting in a hotel room in Sydney Australia so many miles away from Ella. It will be another week before I get to be with her again. I've been reading over some of the other stories we have written and thinking about the adventures that are to come.

In a little over a week, Ella, Danielle and I will spend an afternoon together photographing and perhaps videoing the two of them together. Ella darling, you know how much you are going to enjoy that and just how wet your sweet cunt will be. You know how good my cock is going to feel inside you when we are alone later in the evening, how hard I am going to fuck you don't you?

Perhaps you would like to share how that makes you feel for all of us?


PS I'm about to watch the video you are going to share with everyone else when you are ready.. You know how much I love it

1 comment:

  1. She look like amazing. Love her, want her. Thanks for share with us. Kisses.


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