Friday, 30 September 2011

What Ella and Mark got up too...

Hey Everyone,

After her afternoon with Danielle, Ella and I had a little time together. We thought you might like a snippet of what we got up to together. Hope you enjoy watching as much as we enjoyed participating.



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Thursday, 29 September 2011

New poll

Hi everyone. One of the reasons we run this blog is for the feedback we get. We really want to engage with our audience and deliver the content you want. That's why you will see polls on the blog from time to time. We would really appreciate your feedback. So please take a moment to vote in the poll.

We have more content coming and look forward to your feedback on that but you can also shape the content to an extent. Feel free to tell us what you would like to see and we will do our best to give you that :)

Ella and Mark

Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Poll results

Thanks to everyone for voting. A reasonable spread across all types of content. Interestingly our photography came out on top so we will share more of that. Ella will be back on deck shortly so stay posted.

Meanwhile another shot of Ella and Danielle together we hope you like. 


Thursday, 22 September 2011

Thanks for the poll feedback

Hi Everyone

As some of you will have noticed we are running a quick poll to get your opinion on the type of content you want to see. The results so far show you like the variety so that's good to hear but we are interested in everyone's opinion.So if you haven't already voted please take a couple of minutes to vote.

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PS Ella will be back soon as she settle into her new home and is eager to finish the story about her afternoon with Danielle. As a treat here is one of the images form that afternoon. Let her know what you think :)

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

While I was waiting

It had been far too long, Danielle and I hadn't been together for some time and I was so looking forward to seeing her again, feeling her soft skin against mine, her lips on mine and over my body and once again exploring her body. I had prepared for this, freshly waxed legs and pussy, dressed in my favorite lingerie, a good nights sleep. And now the day was here.

I arrived early at the hotel, leaving work at least 2 hours early. The suite was pleasant, it was a beautiful day outside. I had promised myself I would behave and wait patiently for Danielle, I knew however that I couldn't resist. "Just relax and listen to some music" I said to myself as I looked out at the beautiful sunny, autumn afternoon. I removed my jeans and slowly undid my blouse

The sun was warm on my legs as I slowly peeled off my blouse loving the soft fabric as it caressed my skin. I love undressing slowly like this. And yes I love being naked

Id worn my favorite lingerie, a black set with lots of lace and a thong with a mesh front. Mark loves the way my pussy looks through the mesh and I know Danielle will love it too. I let my blouse fall to the ground. The warm sun shining through the curtains felt so good on my skin. For a moment I considered pulling back the curtains and letting the workers in the office across from the hotel see me, but decided against it. That could wait.

I left the warmth of the sun and settled into the chair in front of the window. I looked out the window across at the buildings surrounding the hotel and listened to the sounds of the city. A Wednesday afternoon full of hustle and bustle strangely comforting as I sat back and contemplated what was to come. This was so much better than sitting back at my desk at work.

I so wanted to touch myself, explore my body, enjoy what Danielle would enjoy later. I sat there practically naked, as Mark liked me and just as Danielle liked me too. I spread my legs a little and enjoyed the warm air wafting over them from the open window.

There was no point resisting, my hands went to my breast and down towards my pussy as my mind went to Danielle. And in particular between Danielle's thighs to her beautiful moist pussy. It had been far too long.

I love the feel of my fingers across the mesh of these panties and I adore the mesh against my smooth mound. These are made for a freshly waxed pussy and you have to admit they look great on don't you. But now they had to come off, I need to explore myself and enjoy some private please. I stood and unhooked my bra, letting it fall to the ground.

I gently caressed my breasts, I love the firmness of them and my nipples. The were hard already and very sensitive to my touch. I stood there in my panties knowing they had to come off too.

I sat back in the chair naked. Mmmm I could feel my self getting moist. This self denial was just accentuating the sensations. 

I slowly spread my thighs and sat there exposed. I smiled as I thought of what the office workers would think of me sitting there naked, exposing myself to them. If only they could see what was going on behind those net curtains.

I looked down my body, past my breasts, over my stomach and down over my ever so smooth pussy. I knew my lips were starting to grow, as Mark put it the petals of my flower were opening, welcoming his tongue and then his cock. But for this night it would be Danielle who had the pleasure of my cunt, not Mark. I loved knowing he knew but this evening I loved the thought of Danielle's tongue inside me.

And then my phone buzzed, it was a message form Danielle. "Darling Im leaving work now, I will see you in 20 minutes". There I sat naked, wet, wanting to pleasure myself. Too late for that time to dress and greet Danielle. One little stroke of my clit and off to shower and prepare.

A great start to the evening but much more delight to come. 

Stay posted and join Danielle and I for more


Ella xox

Saturday, 17 September 2011

Waiting for Danielle

As we've said Ella and Danielle spent an afternoon together recently and we were fortunate enough to photograph them together. You will get to see the shots and the story Ella is writing about that afternoon in the next week or so. In editing the photographs I stumbled across this shot of Ella waiting for Danielle to arrive, thought you might like to see it too


Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Ella's favorite toy

Hey everyone,

As you know Ella is off on her adventure and will be back here with all of us once she settles into her new home for the next few months. Spoke to her yesterday, she is tired but happy and says Hi. 

Before she left we had an opportunity to create some more content and here is another video from that evening. I know we can expect more content from Ella while she is away and perhaps a few surprises.

You've seen photographs of Ella with her glass dildo and read her story (if you havent, you should skip back to What's in the Post for the back plot). Many of you have asked for this so here it is.



PS as always if you are reading this via email visit to view the video

A change of pace...

As mentioned in my last post Ella and I go way back and a lot of our time together was spent on our photography. Here is a selection we know some of you will enjoy. If its not your cup of tea don't fret we will be back to some erotic stuff before too long.

Click on the images to see larger :-)


Friday, 9 September 2011

Whats it all about guys?

Hey everyone, thought it might be time for a little background and an update. We hope that some of you will read this and gain a little context. Many of you wont and that's fine but for those who want to understand more, here is our story or at least a brief version of it.

Ella and I started the journey on this blog less than 3 months ago, but our relationship goes back a long, long way. We first met in 2004 when I was looking for women to model for artistic nude photographs, something that I was keen to turn my hand to to exercise the creative part of my brain. I advertised for a model, Ella replied and that was the start of whats been a long relationship.

I photographed Ella that first time (hmmm, Ella's call as to showing you those pics, we have both come a long way) and we kept in touch. Despite an age gap (over 15 years) we clicked and a relationship began that was to last many years. We were lovers, we lived together and we seriously considered marriage. But it wasn't all plain sailing, Ella was finding her way in the world, I was older and going through the inevitable mid life issues and our relationship suffered. Along the way we traveled and saw the world together while creating some art we are both extremely proud of. We will share some of that with you from time to time but please understand that its quite different than what we are creating for this blog.

Our relationship broke down, there were points at which we weren't completely honest with each other. We both now understand why and are accepting of the reasons, we had (and still have) a very close bond but wanted different things and grew in different ways. So almost 2 years ago after a wonderful month in our favorite country we parted, returning home to begin new relationships, both shell shocked at why a relationship and a bond that was so strong disintegrated. We spent a difficult 18 months, remaining in touch but essentially trying to move on and remove each other from our respective lives.

Some 3 months ago Ella made the decision to leave the country of her birth and venture off on her own essentially cutting ties with her past to pursue her own dreams and interests. We met and talked openly for the first time in well over a year and talked about the bond we have, how it still lived on despite us both being in a good place individually, moving on with our lives in a positive fashion. Ella leaving was a difficult issue for both of us. We discussed it at length and began to reconnect and understand each other at a deeper level.

A strong part of our bond was always our sexuality, in many ways we were now ready to experiment and push our boundaries into some of the areas we had previously only talked about. The pressure of having to maintain a relationship with each other, the baggage that comes with that commitment and the expectation of family and friends had lifted and this has enabled us to explore another side of ourselves together. From this has arisen a sexual journey we are now enjoying.

Much of what we write about is fantasy, but more and more we are filling in the gaps with real life experience. This experience is something we undertake privately, our families and friends know nothing of it but we wanted an outlet to share it with others, our blog is just that. Those of you who follow and engage with us are privy to a very private and intimate journey. Sharing the journey is however all part of the appeal for us so thank you for your support, knowing thousands of people around the world are sharing our journey makes it so much more intense and yes exciting. So whether you are here for titillation or to engage with us, thank you, you make the experience all the richer for us in doing so.

We intend carrying the blog on and sharing our journey. We will become braver and more outrageous as time goes on, we are now doing things that we were far too reserved to even discuss with each other when we were together, we are sharing with you intimate fantasies and our joy in living a life a little less ordinary. We encourage you to engage, tell us what you think and even suggest some adventure we may not come up with. This is a forum in which we will share a special part of ourselves with you. We live in interesting times and have unprecedented levels of freedom, we have decided to cast aside the barriers we have had in place and live this life we share.

So that's the context of Ella and Mark here in this blog. We are privileged to have the bond we do and are enjoying the adventure we have chosen to share.

We have some news. In 2 days Ella will leave her birth country to begin her adventure. We will be half a world away from each other in opposite time zones doing what we both want to with our lives. At this stage the plan is for Ella to return in 3 months but to where we don't know, likely another country and a new life, possibly back to the same city again. We don't know the answers and will let life take its course knowing that our bond will remain and the adventure will go on.

So recent days have been spent creating content for the blog, ensuring we have enough to share while Ella finds her feet in a new country, continues to learn the new language she has grown to love and I apply myself to my professional life and the passion I have for it. We will continue to post, we will both provide content, you will see some things that will excite and delight you. And when Ella is settled we will explore the sexual side of our relationship from a distance. We look forward to sharing that with you.

Ella and Mark

Thursday, 8 September 2011

A new video we hope you enjoy

Hey everyone,

Ella is busy putting together the story to accompany the shots we took of her and Danielle and that will be along in due course. We know you're going to love it so stay posted..

In the meantime we had a little fun after Danielle had left as we were both in the mood for it, here's the first of a series of new videos. A special prize for the first person to identify the old school music :)


PS as always if you are reading this via email visit to view the video

Wednesday, 7 September 2011

An update

Well Monday went very well and we have a bunch of new content to share over the next week or two including some new photographs of Ella, a particularly interesting video and yes some shots with Danielle as well. 

Stay posted, we know you are going to love it. Here is Ella checking herself out in the mirror while she was waiting for Danielle. You think she looks good? Tell her exactly what you think!

Also we are trying to get the video's onto rapidshare. A couple of abortive attempts so far but hope to get it sorted this weekend.

Mark and Ella

Sunday, 4 September 2011

The tough life I lead..

Well I'm on a stopover from Sydney to Paris and on my ay back to see Ella again. I open my email and I see this. Life is so tough :)

"I'm laying in bed stroking my pussy thinking about your hard cock sinking deep inside me.   Mmmmmm I can't wait to see you again!! Love you xxx" 

If that's not incentive to speed up the next 14 hours nothing is.. See for yourself below

Saturday, 3 September 2011

Hi Def versions of videos

Who would like me to upload the 1080P versions of the video's? If enough of you are keen I am happy to make them available

Mark :)

Thursday, 1 September 2011

Next photoshoot coming up next week.. Meanwhile a question

As you will know if you've been keeping up to sate we have another shoot planned for next week when we get to see each other again for the first time in a couple of weeks. All going well Danielle will join us and I may even have another surprise for Ella too. So look out for at least some content towards the middle of next week.

Ella and I have been in touch over email in the last week or so. One thing of interest was Ella's preparations for Monday's shoot. She told me she was off for a wax today and I'm sure by now she has a very soft and smooth pussy, ready to give us all a glimpse of. But here is the question, Ella loves to be well groomed and smooth. Having lived together I have of course had the experience of her in a somewhat hairier state. I love her both ways, how about the rest of you? Do you think we should encourage to forgo the wax at some stage for one of our shoots? Let her know what you think.


PS a pic to keep you amused until next week. Hope you like Ella darling, you wont have seen this yet!