Thursday, 28 July 2011

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Winter had set in now and it was only a matter of time before it snowed. She wrapped up warm for the walk to work, arriving at the office early as usual.  She had picked up her coffee on the way and now sat at her desk to drink it and settle in for the day. She removed her coat and scarf and finally her gloves, the ones she had purchased in Florence that weekend. She loved those weekend trips on the train; beautiful cites to explore an hour or two away on a train.

She wrapped her hands around her cup enjoying the warmth; her face was still cold from the air outside. Mmmm, she had finally found decent coffee on her walk to work. She turned on her computer ready to trawl through her email, setting herself up for the day before the rest of the team, and the inevitable distractions arrived. The emails came up on the screen and she scanned through them quickly, hoping there would be at least one or two from family in friends back in Australia.

"Ahhh Australia, 30 Celsius in the shade!" she smiled. Most of the email was work requests, some in French, some in English from the London office. And there in the middle was one from Mark, usual cheeky subject "IMPORTANT -FROM ME, READ FIRST". He knew what time she started and sent her evening emails from home so they would be there when she started work and before he went to sleep. Usually inviting her to send him some dirty thought that he could take to bed with him.

"Hey babe, you will need this. AU765246248YZ. Love Mark x". One of his cryptic messages, his idea of a game. "You dick!" she thought to herself. "What's that supposed to mean"? She ad work in the freight industry and thought it looked like a consignment number but without knowing what freight company it was from she had no idea how to track it. "Sigh, ok let's plays his silly game". She quickly typed a reply.

"Hello darling, thanks so much for the number, I'm overwhelmed.  Sleep tight and send me the next piece of the puzzle in a week or two :p" knowing too well that he would be wanting an excited, "I can't wait and I miss you so" response. She returned to her work email, it was going to be a busy day. Hopefully he didn't want to sit up half the night swapping emails.

Thankfully he let her be and she got on with her day. Work was busy, usual mix of snotty Englishmen and crazy Frenchmen. That said it was productive and satisfying. Progress on her project was good and with a bit of a kick they were going to get it done by the deadline. Her mind wandered back to Mark as she walked home. It wasn't like him to send that sort of email and drop it, he was up to something.

She went about her evening, a light dinner, some more work and TV. Old reruns of programs in French made her laugh but weren't doing her language skills any harm. No call from Mark, not even a txt message. All very strange. But she was tired and went to bed early. "Mark will keep" she thought to herself. She slept soundly waking abruptly as the alarm rang.  She hit the snooze button and drifted back to sleep, for a few short minutes at least.

She rose, showered and got ready for work. A busy day ahead. She walked through the dark streets arriving at the dark office around 7:30. As usual she was first in. She enjoyed the quiet time, her time to organize her day. She sipped her coffee and as usual attacked her list of emails. She smiled, again from Mark "IMPORTANT -FROM ME, READ FIRST". "I think you will need this too. AU452763529XZ. Love Mark x". Nothing more. She grinned, deciding not to reply.

Once again silence until the next day, sure enough there was another email.  "IMPORTANT -FROM ME, READ FIRST". "This should do the trick. AU429877436FD. Love Mark x". Nothing else, just 3 tracking numbers, no idea when they would arrive and what they were for. She shrugged her shoulders and got on with her day. Work was going well and she was enjoying it. It was lunchtime before she knew it.

She put her coat and scarf on, preparing to wander out to find a baguette and coffee. As she passed the reception desk Monique stopped her. "This arrived for you earlier Ella" she said handing her a courier envelope. Sure enough it was from Mark and it looked like it was the first tracking number her had send her. "Thank you Monique" she said, taking the package with her. She knew better than to open it at her desk in front if her workmates; she had learnt that lesson some years earlier. Thigh high boots with 5-inch heels had only one interpretation!

She sat down at the cafe and waited for her coffee and food. Tentatively she opened the small package. Inside was a note and another small package. The note simply said, "don't thank me, just use this and send it back to me, what to do with it will become apparent". She opened the smaller package; in it was a memory card, the type that fits in your phone or a camera. "What's this for?" she wondered. She ate her lunch and returned to work

The next day there was no email but again a package arrived. This time a little larger and heavier. The note read, "This will ease the way". She found a quiet roomed and opened it. "Oh my god!" she said aloud. Mark had sent her a tub, well a small tub at least of lubricant. "What the hell is he up to?" she thought to herself, "and what's going to be in tomorrow's package?” She blushed, stuffing the jar into her handbag and returning to her desk. She resisted the temptation to send him the "What the fuck?" email she wanted too. She was a little intrigued. A memory card and lubricant, what next?

She slept poorly, her mind wandered. She had worked out that the memory card fitted her camera; he wanted a picture of something. The lubricant means it wasn't street scenes or landscapes that was obvious! What did that third package contain? The next day was Friday; she hoped the package would arrive that day, in time or the weekend. The forecast was grim, snow, a weekend to hunker down.

She arrived at work the following morning. Surprisingly chipper for a Friday as one of her workmates commented. At around 11 her phone rang, "Another package for you Ella, you mysterious woman!" said Monique. She walked to the reception desk and took her package from Monique. "Hmmm I'm going to pour wine down you and find out what's going on Ella, that's a very naughty look on you face" Monique said to her grinning.

She took the package and went to hide in the bathroom to examine it. Same format, a note and another package. A little heavier again. The note simply said, "a treat for those cold nights, instructions inside". She eagerly opened the package, inside was a beautiful glass dildo. Smooth and sensual, double ended, a cone shaped butt plug on one end and a perfectly crafted Penis on the other. She loved the smoothness and the weight if it. "Crazy man" she thought to herself. She smiled, this was a fun present and she looked knowing he was having dirty thoughts about her.

The box contained an envelope, sealed with the words "Instructions - do not open until you get home!" She packed it back into the courier envelope and made the dash past reception to her desk. Monique was on the phone but her eyes followed Ella to her desk, smiling all too knowingly at her. She put the package in her desk drawer and locked it. She had the instructions in her hand. She quietly prized open the envelope in it was a second envelope, it read, "Not until you get home!" She giggled, her knew her well.

The afternoon dragged, she was dying to get home and read the instructions. What exactly did he want her to do? He was such a tease but she liked his games. From half a world away he still made her wet. Her time away was still fun, she still felt loved and adored and most importantly utterly desired and ousted over. He was sound asleep and he was making her wet. She smiled "The bastard!"

Finally the day was over. Despite protests from Monique she declined her usual Friday night drink and hurried home through the first of the snowflakes. She was dying to know what was in the instructions. She almost ran in the door throwing her coat and scarf on the bed. She tore open the envelope and read the instructions.

If you are a good girl and follow these instructions you will receive a special surprise in exactly 4 weeks. It should be Friday now and your surprise is timed for Friday after work in 4 weeks. It is very important that you are well prepared and I expect you to do as I say, you will not regret it I promise.

You have received 3 things, a memory card, a tub if lubricant and a heavy glass dildo. You may wish to use dildo on you clit and pussy, that is good, I expect and encourage you to do so. But it has another purpose.

 Each day you must carry out the following tasks. If you miss a day, you will not get your surprise. Each day you must

1. Lubricate your anus liberally, the tub should easily last the four weeks
2. Insert the dildo into your anus, the butt plug end progressively for the first two weeks, the penis slowly over the second two weeks
3. Take a daily photograph each evening, showing your progress

If, and only if I am happy with your progress and you send a picture each day you will receive a special surprise 4 weeks from now.

This first evening you are exempt. Run the dill under a hot tap to warm it and get to know your new toy. Simply email acceptance tomorrow and I will set the wheels in motion"
She gasped. He was a crazy idiot. Expecting her to ream her arse out for a month for some silly surprise? Was she that stupid? Still it was a shitty night outside and the thought of something warm inside her appealed. She would certainly give this new toy a try; whether r not she played his game was smother matter!

She poured herself a wine, leaving the dildo under a hot tap in the bathroom. She undressed and put on her winter robe. The room was warm and the bed soft and inviting. She turned off the lights, leaving on the bedside lamp and some music playing softly in the background. She turned off the tap and gently dried the dildo. It was warm and surprisingly heavy. She would need to be gentle on herself.

She climbed into bed and between the sheets. It was cold and snowing outside, warm and inviting inside. She ran the head of the dildo down her stomach, feeling its warmth and weight. She gently ran it up and owns her moist slit. "I wont be needing the lubricant tonight" she thought to herself. Slowly store by stroke she let the dildo sink into her, it's own weight carrying it deeper into her moist hole. The weight combined with her wetness meant it slipped deep into her with no force.

The feeling was strange, almost natural in a way and yet not. I radiated warmth within her and she felt herself working with in in an unfamiliar motion. She held it back and gently let it fall into her, the difference between push with her conventional toys and pull with this to keep it from sinking too deep inside her. She quickly gained control. Let it slide in but not too deep to knock her cervix.

Slowly she built up momentum, the shape and detail caressed all the right places, the warmth added another dimension. She got wetter and wetter, as she did when Mark fucked her. Eventually she felt her legs and hips shudder, she was about to come and there was no going back. The waves of pleasure flowed through her as she felt her vagina contract pulling the dildo into her.

"Well", she thought, "I don't care what he wants, I will be doing that again!" She lay back in the bed, caressing the dildo. "Mmmm I really like this thing and it's nice to know he has these dirty thoughts about me. Maybe I will play along" she thought to herself. She fished through the bedside cabinet for her camera and loaded the memory card he had sent. She laid the dildo across her naked stomach and snapped a picture. She would send that to him tomorrow with her acceptance of his challenge.

And that was the beginning. She did as she was told, spending time each day easing the dildo into her, a little more each day, taking and sending the photos to him. They spoke on several occasions over the month but she was forbidden to speak of this. This was different, nothing to do with their day-to-day exchanges.

She had to admit, the feel of the dildo in her arse was good and it got better the deeper she went. The start of the third week was daunting but very stimulating, she loved the extra girth and depth and the week improved as she went, a little more each day. Into the fourth week she was dying of curiosity. What would the special surprise be?

She walked to work that Friday morning, her head spinning. A whole month she had played his game, sure it was fun but today was delivery day. There had been no indication from him, no email with a consignment number, nothing. He had barely acknowledged her emails, simply saying “Thank you, good girl” every few days. And again that morning there was no email either.

The day dragged as Friday’s often did. She had kept the evening free in expectation of her surprise, not that she knew what it was. She read back over her instructions, “after work” it said, so she had to simply wait. She tried to focus on her work, failing to really do so. Finally it was 4:30 and time to leave. “Nothing?” she asked herself. What the hell was Mark up too?

She walked home, in the rain. A cold and miserable night and Mark had let her down it seemed. She would ring him soon and wake him up, would serve him right. She reached her apartment and opened the door. Peace and quiet. She took off her coat and scarf and hung them in the wardrobe. She fell back on the bed, letting out a sigh. Her head dropped back onto the pillow, she felt something under it.

She threw the pillow back and found another package. How had he got it under her pillow from 10,000 miles away? What on earth had he done? She opened the package, another note and a box. She read the note, “Yes I am back in France, and you will see me in due course. But first you need to do something for me. Open the box and follow the instructions!” “Oh my god” she squealed, he was here in Dijon!

She opened the box and inside was another glass dildo. A single ended one this time. Thick and shaped just like a penis. She opened the instructions.


As you may have guessed by now the surprise is me. Yes I am paying you a visit but there is one more thing you must do to get your reward.

Take the two dildos and complete the puzzle. The first one belongs in your anus and the second one in your vagina. Its up to you when you do this but I want you full in both holes and I want proof. I am here for a week; sometime during that week you must use both dildos, take a picture and send it to me. Then and only then I will pay you a visit and give you a taste of some real cock.

It is up to you how long you make me wait”

Well this was a surprise and one of the best sorts. She and Mark hadn’t been together for far too long and she was dying to have him, in every sense. Her first reaction was to do exactly as he asked and take the photograph. If she were quick he would be there that night. “But that’s exactly what he wants” she thought to herself. Perhaps she could play the game too and see who broke first.

Yes that’s exactly what she would do, tease him and make him wait just the way he had done to her. So he wanted a specific photograph, she would give him a photograph but not what he was expecting, she was in charge, for now. She took the new dildo and the one from the drawer in her bedside cabinet, and ran them under the warm tap. While they warmed she prepared the scene.

She took her favourite mirror off the wall and propped it against the wall in the corner. Sitting in front of it she could see herself and the room she was in. She found her camera, retrieved the dildo’s and removed her clothes. She positioned herself in front of the mirror and spread her long legs. Admiring herself she smiled as she positioned the dildos, the new one standing upright on its base to one side and the other lying by her thigh on the other side.

She touched herself and realized just how wet she was. This was exciting and she knew this shot would drive him wild. She fingered herself and smeared her juices over her pussy and anus, enough to make them look wet. She then took the camera and took a series of shots, from different heights and angles, her other hand in different positions. She lay back and looked through the shots.

There it was, the shot she wanted him to see. Legs wide apart, dildos clearly visible and her hand spreading her pussy lips. “Mmmm I look so hot, lets see him refuse this” she giggled. She walked to her computer, downloaded her pic and sent it to him. “Lets see how he reacts to that!” She reached for her glass of wine and sipped, knowing it wouldn’t take long for him to respond. He was close by, that’s the way he played it.

Mark’s phone buzzed in his pocket. An incoming email, his heart sped up a little, he hoped it was from her. Would she have done as he asked or was she going to extend the game a little? “50/50 split” he thought to himself. He reached into his pocket, took out his phone and checked the email. “Mmmm” he thought to himself as he opened it, it was from Ella and she had attached a picture. He waited for what seemed an eternity for it to download.

“Oh my lord, that’s gorgeous” he though to himself. He loved it when she was like this for him. He loved knowing that she knew how much her wanted her and how she flaunted herself for him. She sat there; legs and pussy spread taunting him. Open, erotic, everything he loved about her sexually, but teasing him. The look on her face said it all “If you want it you are going to have to come and get it Mark, I’m done with your game now”.

“Hmmm, he thought to himself. “What do I do now, go to her and fall into what we both know will be a great sexual experience or wait, draw it out and sweeten it even more” He knew that he had to be careful, on occasion she had been known to refuse him completely. He knew she couldn’t hold out for days, the lovemaking would come sooner or later but he wanted her now and they both knew it.

He had booked a room at a nice hotel in Dijon, just in case this happened or in case they wanted a change of scene. He hadn’t checked in but it was time he did. He looked at his watch, 6:30pm. The Sofitel was one of the better hotels in Dijon, an odd mix of American d├ęcor in the rooms, classical European in other parts of the hotel, but yes it was nice. Nice enough to fuck her in, she had good taste.

He checked in and went up in the lift to his room. Room 656 was pleasant, a little small but tasteful enough. He ran his mind though some options. He could simply call her and ask her to come, telling her she didn’t have to play the game. He could reply to the email and simply say she would have to wait until she was prepared to play the game out. Or, he could change the rules, “they were his rules after all” he thought to himself.

He composed a text; this wasn’t the time for a protracted email conversation. “I’m here, in Dijon. Come to the Sofitel and text me when you are here. If you follow my instructions I will give you the room number. If you don’t we will both have a lonely evening” He pushed send and waited. She would come, he knew that but she wouldn’t do quite what she was told, there would be a twist.

His phone beeped, it simply said “On my way x”. That was easier than he had expected. He took the opportunity for a quick shower; she had a 10-minute or so walk from her apartment. He got out of the shower, dried himself and put on one of the hotel robes. She would be here soon.

His phone beeped again, it was she. “I’m outside, I want you to do something for me. If you do you may just get what you want. Does your room face the street? Which floor are you on”. He replied, “Yes the room faces out, I’m on the 6th floor. What do you want me to do?” “You’ve had your fun with me, now its time I had a little too. Come to your window naked and look across the street. You will see me standing there. Await your instructions”

He did as he was told; he hesitated at standing in the lit room, naked to the street. There were people about but not many and they had done worse, much worse in the past. The phone beeped “Good, now I want to see how hard your cock is and how much you want me. Stroke it for me and when I say you can stop you will stop and send me your room number”. “Fuck, this is going to get me into trouble if I get seen” he thought. Then he flicked back to her picture and there was no question, he had to do it.

He slowly stroked himself. He loved the way it felt, the way his own penis throbbed in his had. The feel of his smooth balls. The feel of the precum dribbling out of him. The sensitivity of the head as he pulled back his foreskin. He stood there eyes closed and imagined her. The phone beeped again “Good, very good. Just a little more but don’t come, not yet” He looked down and there eyes met; she reached into her handbag and pulled out the dildos. One in each hand. She brought the shorter one up to her lips and began to ease it into her mouth.

Just as he was beginning to feel the orgasm start to build inside him she stopped, put the toys into her bag and reached for her phone. “Now, give me the room number, now”. For a moment he considered playing a joke on her and giving her the wrong number. “Dumb idea” he thought, “she wont like that!”. He reached for his phone and sent the text. “Room 656, now, please!”

She crossed the road, avoiding what little traffic there was and entered the hotel. A beautiful building she had often admired but never visited. The inside was elegant also she thought as she walked through the foyer to the lifts. Existing at level 6 she found the room and knocked on the door. Mark answered and she entered. He tried to wrap his arms around her but she pushed him away. “Not yet Mark, we have unfinished business” she said. “And what business would that be darling” he replied.

“Well Mark, there is something you wanted a photograph of as I recall. I was to do that before I got you and I intend playing the game. The only change is you get to see me doing it, from the safety of that chair over there actually. You do anything before I’ve sent you the photograph and the game is over. Do you understand?”. “Uh huh” he nodded, sitting in the chair.

Ella slowly undressed, she knew this would be a combination of pain and pleasure for Mark and she was going to play that to the full. She would do what he wanted but he would pay for it. She had dressed casually but had put on some nice lingerie for him, well as much for herself. She stood before him, black lace and mesh bra and panties and stay up stockings. Mark smiled at her “You like this don’t you Mark” she said to him. “Tell me how much you want that picture you asked for. Tell me what you’re prepared to do for it”

“You know how it works darling, I will do whatever you like” he said, quickly, confidently. “Well I will make a start and we can see what we think of then”. She unclipped her bra and peeled off her panties. “Stockings on or not Mark? What would you prefer?” “On, please darling” he replied. “Tough Mark, that’s my choice” she said, sliding them down her legs. She stopped with the stockings around her ankles, “I like it this way”.

She walked to the corner and stood in front of the full-length mirror. “You like my body Mark, like how good Dijon has been to me?” “You look fantastic Ella, you know you do” he replied. “Thank you Mark” she said smiling back at him. “Now let me see, something like this” she said, sitting in front of the mirror, legs apart, leaning back to show her pussy and tight asshole. “Was this the pose you wanted?”. “God yes” he replied.

She reached for her bag and took out the dildos. “I haven’t got any lube Mark, I’m going to have to get myself wet enough first. You will have to be patient” Slowly she caressed herself, fingers gently over her pussy at first, then slowly entering herself, fingering herself as she started to get wetter and wetter. She looked at Mark in the mirror, sitting there mesmerized, cock in his hand. “Don’t come” she reminded him.

She took the double-ended vibrator in her hand, licking it slowly to moisten the tip and thrust it into herself. “That feels so good deep in my wet cunt Mark, you chose well”. “I’m glad” he replied, focusing on her, trying to exercise enough self control to stop himself coming. “But that’s not where you wanted it is it Mark, not my cunt, tell me where you want it Mark”. “In your sweet, tight little arse Ella, please do that for me” he pleased. Slowly, an inch at a time she withdrew it from her pussy. She was now very wet and she reached down to lubricate her anus with her own wetness.

And then she did it, she slowly and carefully slid the dildo into her anus, a glorious inch at a time. 3 inches, then 4 inches into her. “There Mark, that’s where you wanted it isn’t it!” “Uh huh” Mark replied. “And where does the other one belong Mark? Tell me, don’t be shy”. “In your beautiful pussy darling, please darling”. She grasped the other dildo and eased it into herself. Two holes filled was sheer bliss. She loved the feeling.

“And now the photograph” she said picking up her phone and taking the shot. “Mmmm that looks good” she said, sending it to him in an email. “There, you have what you want Mark, now its my turn” she said, looking directly at him. “Are you close to coming?” “Yes, you know I am Ella” he chuckled. “Well in that case come here, I want you to stand in front of me and stroke your cock. When you’re ready you can come into my mouth ok?”

Mark did as he was told, stood in front of her and masturbated to orgasm, shooting his hot load down her throat. “Mmmm thank you Mark” she said, smiling back at him. “Wait here while I go to the bathroom” She collected up her clothes and headed through the door. After a few minutes she returned fully dressed. “What’s with the clothes Ella?” he asked. “Well Mark, this is the start of the next part of the game. I’m leaving now. I will return and if you are here I will fuck you in only the way I can. If you are not you miss out. Its up to you, do you stay and wait, or do you come looking”

“Enjoy your night, I will be back, sooner or later” she said over her shoulder, closing the door behind her.


  1. Undoubtedly the hottest story I have ever read, absolutely fucking amazing. The thought of that final photo, what I wouldn't give to get my hands on that! The whole story is sexy beyond belief and of course the photos perfection. I am about to cum in my pants at work!

  2. I totally enjoy your stories. You have an amazing gift of writing erotic work. Ellia is so beautiful it's unreal like a fantasy. I can't wait til the movie comes out.

  3. Great story = I was drawn into the sexual tension building throughout and hard as a rock by the time that final photograph was taken. I hope Ella doesn't mind that I masturbated into her mouth as well (in my mind). She didn't leave me in the room alone for long afterwards, just long enough for me to recover and then have me slip my cock deep into her wet cunt so we could both cum.


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