Monday, 18 July 2011

Kindred Spirits!

Hi everyone. We are having a lot of fun with the blog and making contact with people all over the world. It's interesting when you meet other people with similar interests and even some who are serious photographers and their muses too. One such couple are Michael and Olga.

Michael has gone a step further and published a book (one of several) that I encourage you to take a look at and spend a few euros or dollars on buying. "Alchemy of a Muse", "The life and times of a photographer and his muse! A delightful, entertaining and erotic coffee-table book! ". You can find it here  I know we will be ordering a copy.

Michael's other books can be found at 

And yes in case you're interested Ella and I have been working on a book for sometime. A little bit of encouragement from all of you will see it completed sooner. So if you're interested in a book of high quality photography and potentially our stories let us know. In the meantime checkout Michael's work!


PS A pic for the day, almost forgot


  1. beautifull photo and wonderful body!!

  2. Splendid photo !! This is ART !!!

  3. Thanks so much Mark & Ella for mentioning my books... it is deeply appreciated! I know your readers will like it, because it's similar to your stories and photography, only in book form.

    And yes, I do encourage you guys to work on YOUR book and get it done soon! Really looking forward to that! Keep up the good work... both of you!



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