Thursday, 28 July 2011

20,000 views: Thank you from Ella and Mark x

I want to say a big thank you to everyone who is following our blog.  There are two driving factors that encourage us to further develop the blog.  The first driver is that the blog encourages both me and Mark to further develop our relationship, to deepen our spiritual and physical connection.  We have known one another for many years and our relationship is continually developing and becoming richer, deeper and more pure, we are soul mates. The second driver is the encouragement, kind comments and appreciation that we receive from you all.  We invest emotionally and physically in this blog to further develop our own relationship and to enrich your lives and relationships.
This week our blog hit 20,000 views in less than two months.  You our fans are the reason that our blog is a success. So in order to say thank you to everyone I have a treat in store for you all.  We have received many requests to see my face, to see me in my entirety, to see my eyes and to encourage you to make a deeper connection with me.  So to celebrate the blog reaching 20,000 views in less than two months I have decided to post a series of full body pictures for you.  I hope you enjoy this post; I am sharing one of our all time favorite series of photos with you all.  This series of photos captures the connection and relationship that Mark and I share, when you view this series you will feel the passion and love that I feel for Mark.  So much has happened in our lives since we took these photos.  We have been through lonely dark times but we are now reconnecting with one another and discovering one another on an unprecedented level, something we will cherish and never lose sight of again.
I am a 30 year old woman and I work as a Financial Modeller in a European division of a large international organization.  I have invested many years of my life in University study and I have worked many extra hours to further develop my career which is very important to me.  I am very proud of my professional achievements but there is more to life than work.  As I enter my thirties I have invested heavily in developing myself personally and sexually and to be absolutely honest with who I am, all of which lead me to reconnect to Mark my soul mate.  Please understand my apprehension at exposing my face in some of our more explicit pictures as I am very cautious about losing all that I have ever worked for.  However the whole purpose of our blog is to enable us to experiment and discover ourselves sexually.  I hope you like this series of photos and that you feel the intimacy that I will share with you and you alone.
So while I lay there on our bed one warm Sunday afternoon I ran my hands over my body, I touched myself while Mark stood above me and watched me eagerly just as you are doing now. It was autumn and the breeze on my bare skin was delightful.

Mark admired my body and my lingerie, he told me how gorgeous and how special I was.  He stood above me and sighed at me, looking at me with those cheeky eyes.  He told me how I had such an erotic effect on him, he told me how he never got hard during his photo shoots with all the other woman.  But with me, he stood above me, he was hard as rock and wanted to put the camera down, to strip off his clothes and to slide his hard cock into my moist pussy.  I smiled at him and told him to be patient and to photograph me.

I removed my bra and stroked my hard nipples which only further aroused me.  I could see Marks cook protrude from his shorts, I loved it, I loved that he was hard and ready for me. I smiled and arched my back and savored my own body and the company I was sharing.

By now Mark was encouraging me to touch my pussy, he eagerly asked me whether I was wet, whether my pussy was ready for his cock.  I teasingly replied that I wasn't sure and that I might need to check so I ran my palm down my body and across my sheer panties.  The sensation was delightful, I told him that he would not be disappointed but that I would get to enjoy my moist pussy before he was was allowed near me.  I told him that he had to watch me touch myself.

I closed my eyes and entered my own special place.  I slid off my panties and felt exhilarated to now be fully nude before my audience of one.  I slid my fingers over my bare pussy; my touch sent a shot of sensation through my body. I slid my fingers over my pelvis and felt my pussy shudder; this was one of my favorite places to touch myself as it was my special g spot. The sensation made me gush, I felt my juices leak from my pussy, I loved the taste of my pussy juice, I had become well accustomed to the treat of licking my juice off of Marks cock.  Little did Mark know but I would always lick my juice from my fingers after I masturbated alone, Mark was a man of fine taste who taught me to appreciate my body fully.

It only took a moment but I was so close to coming, the pleasure of sharing my body and soul with Mark had become too much.  I used my left hand to gently flick and massage my clit, my finger was saturated with my pre-cum.  I teased Mark that the cum was all mine to devour and that he would have to prove himself to me if he were to sink his tongue into my pussy.  I then took my right hand and ran my fingers over my g spot, I felt my insides leap and shudder with ecstasy.  This set off a chain reaction through my body, I felt my orgasm build up inside me and then when I knew my orgasm was upon me I pressed my finger gently onto my clit and savored the sensation as pleasure shot through my limbs.

Mark stood there and smiled at me, he bit his lip and said "Oh my God girl, your insatiable, I'm going to slide me cock deep into that wet pussy of yours and fuck you".  I told him that he had to wait a moment and that I hadn't finished yet, that my favorite bit was about to come.  I slid my finger deep into my pussy and closed my eyes and felt my pussy pulsate around my finger, I held it there and listened to my body applaud me, "Ahhhh I'm now finished" I said to Mark.  "Mark, I think it's time you put down the camera and removed your clothing and buried your cock deep inside of my luscious pussy".  Mark obliged and Ella was happy, Love me x.


  1. Beautiful story Ella, and we appreciate the risk you take by showing your face. Don't know why it is that stupid corporations can't accept that people are people and have different aspects of their lives. As long as a person is doing his or or job, they shouldn't give a fuck about what they do on their own time. Been there with that one too Ella!

    Would love to correspond with you! This is Michael (from your Kindred Spirits section)! ( ttys! Great photography Mark! You guys are doing fantastic! Yours, Michael

  2. Absolutely stunning you guys.. The earlier post with the boots and gas mask had me aching all day.. these pictures and I think I'm in love!! Fantastic.. please keep it up! ( and more boots ;) ) x

  3. Hi guys i want to thank you guys were showing Ellas face she is stunning what a pretty face not what i expected.Michael

  4. OMG. I love your work!!! You are so exciting. I only wish I could be there. Looking at those wonderful pictures and reading your words is great but you do make one dream, don't you. Please keep me up!!!

  5. A beautiful face to match your stunning body Ella and I wouldn't have expected anything less from you. Wonderful story and such a lucky man you are mark to get to watch this beauty get herself off right before you!

  6. very beautiful woman!! Sexy, erotic and HOT !!! Please show us more. The story is great

  7. Beautiful and erotic story Ella !!
    I really appreciate the (high ?) risk you take by showing your wonderful face :)
    What you do in your PRIVATE time is all up to you and your company really has no f*** to say about it !! They should judge an emplyee on his/her work, not on what he/she does in his/her spare time (as long as they don't (mis)use the company's name during their private time actions).

    Anyway, once more stunning pictures of a very lovely lady with a very nice face as well :)
    Ella, you rock baby !!!

    Mark, you're a very, very lucky b*****d to have such a gorgeous and playfull girlfriend !!

    I'm looking forward to the next HOT updates :)


  8. A truly masterpiece of art ! Ella is simply sensuality par excellence.Thanx for sharing beauty at its best with us !

  9. Dear Ella,
    I'm afraid my Englisch isn't as good as it was when I just left school but I'll try to write something.
    While surfing I came on your site.
    You had quite a story and I'm grateful for those beautiful pictures to go with it. You're some woman! I think Mark is a happy guy he's allowed to play with you.
    Personally I'm fond of some bondage occasionally.
    Are you in it too and do you write your storys about it?
    I'd love to read them, maybe I can read some tips.
    Please go on with the site, I think you're fans are growing. And thanks for interest.


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