Saturday, 23 July 2011

Dominating you

Ella loved her day job as an analyst at the Telco she worked for. It stimulated her brain, she liked the people and even if she did say so herself she had an eye for numbers. She worked in a professional job and for all intents and purposes she appeared as the conservative professional to her colleagues. But it was her extra curricular activities that stimulated other parts of her personality. The things they didn’t see that made her the person she was, the things they could never know.

Ella led a double life, analyst by day and well, anal-ist by night I guess you could say. He alter ego Sarah was a professional of a very different sort. Ella was always open minded and enjoyed pushing her boundaries a little, but she never thought it would come to this, Sarah the after hours dominatrix. Tonight was like any other, several times a month at least, she would pay a visit to one of her regulars and give him what he wanted and more to the point what she wanted.

She arrived home from work, showered and began preparing herself. She laid our her clothes and equipment on the bed and began her transformation. She prided herself on how different she looked; so different in fact that her colleagues wouldn’t recognize her if she passed them in the street, an unexpected bonus but a bonus never the less.

She tied back her hair, she was lucky, she had fine hair and the wigs she wore looked natural despite her long hair being tied back underneath. She looked at the wigs she had, different lengths, styles and colors and selected the short black bob wig, her personal favorite and one that tonight’s client apparently liked too, not that that was a priority, this evening wasn’t about what he liked, it was about what she was going to make him do!

Next was her clothing. She would wear her long black coat over her working clothes so she could dress as outrageously as she wanted, no one would notice. She selected a black lace corset that cut off beneath her breasts, a suspender belt and fishnet stockings. She dressed and paused to admire herself in the mirror, “sexy but not frightening” she thought to herself. “That’s easily fixed,” she reflected as she put on the black, patent leather boots, thigh high with 5” heels. That with her obvious height have her a dominating stature indeed.

She looked in the mirror and pulled a face, “that should scare him shitless” she thought to herself. She then began selecting her equipment. A riding crop, basic but essential for discipline, her double ended dildo glass and strap on harness to fuck him with if he misbehaved and a WWII gas mask with which to really fuck his mind up. She packed the equipment into her bag and put on her coat. Buttoned up she could have been any woman in her coat and boots. Underneath it was a different matter indeed!

She looked at her watch, almost 5; her taxi would be here shortly. She watched out the window waiting for it to arrive. Sure enough a few minutes early he was there, her regular driver. She tipped him 10 Euro each trip to ensure he would come quickly when she needed picking up or arrange another driver she could trust. She took her bag and hurried downstairs. Although being late would add to the angst for her client she was keen to start.

They drove through the streets and after a 10-minute journey arrived at her client’s house on the outskirts of the city, an affluent area in which her client lived alone. She liked Philippe, he was middle aged, harmless, a little warped, but generous, good qualities in a client. She handed Arthur, the driver her fare, giving him his 10 Euro tip and organizing for him to collect her at 8, sooner if she called. She walked through the gate and up to Philippe’s large front door. As usual she would greet him politely as he answered the door, but things would change completely as soon as it was closed.

“Hello Sarah, nice to see you” Philippe said as he opened the door. “Good evening Philippe” she smiled sweetly at him. They both knew things were about to change but exchanged pleasantries anyway. Philippe closed the door behind him. “On your knees you pathetic little man” she snarled at him. He passed her an envelope of cash, 700 Euro’s for 2 hours, “Well worth it” she thought to herself. She placed the money in her bag and took the leash off the hall table. She clipped it onto the collar he had already tied around his neck, paused to tighten it a notch and led him to the rear of the house and out into the garden. The disused railway line beyond his back fence offered plenty of opportunities.

“WELL my little man, we are going to make you pay for your sins”, she said to him in the best low voice she could muster. She took the gas mask from her bag, put it on and stared at him. He looked horrified, "Just the reaction I hoped for" she thought to herself.

She took the bag he had prepared for her, he had done what she had asked and the extra equipment she needed was waiting for her. So much easier when you had an obedient client she thought. Rope cut into 2-meter lengths, candles and matches, clamps to be applied to him and a gag, a leather strap with a buckle and a billiard ball set into the center of it.

“Get onto the ground, and spread your arms and legs, you know the drill” she barked at him. He did as he was told and she tied each foot and hand to the holes they had found in the railway lines on a previous visit. She placed the gag in his mouth and tied it tight behind his head and then blindfolded him. He could hear and smell but not see or taste anything other than the leather and the billiard ball. He was helpless.

“Now the fun begins, the fun for me” she grinned. She took the dildo out of her bag. Using the lubricant he had supplied, as she had demanded, she prepared her end of the dildo and slid it into herself. His cock began to grow hard as she strapped on the harness to keep it in place. “Don’t get to excited little man, you won’t be getting any of this”.

She lit the candles and picked up her whip. She loved the distorted sound of her own voice the gas mask gave, she and Danielle had laughed at it over wine on more than one occasion. “I hear you have behaved disgracefully Philippe, your staff are petrified of you. You deserve to be punished don’t you!” “Yes mistress I do” he whimpered.

She took one of the candles from the ground where she had placed then and held it over him, dribbling the hot wax onto his chest. He shrieked with pain. She laughed at him, “It will get far worse you weak little man” she yelled at him. She grabbed his erect penis and held it to one side, dribbling the candle wax onto his testicles. He was in agony and she knew shedding tears under the blindfold. The trick as she knew well was not to push him too far, wetting himself wasn’t what she wanted.

She put the candle back on the ground and stood astride him. “Its time for you to do something for me now, suck my cock you fucker” she snarled as she lowered herself over his face and nudged his lips with the dildo. He obeyed and took the dildo in his mouth, deeper and deeper as she fucked him. She felt herself getting wetter; this was one of the better parts of the job. The only thing she had to do was make sure he didn’t realise that.

She sat astride him; enjoying him sucking on the dildo as she dug her heals into his thighs, as hard as she could. He yelped in pain but she didn’t stop. He had paid to be hurt and humiliated, and she was going to make sure he was. She pulled her hips back and used her weight to slap him across the face with the dildo. First in one direction and then the other, as hard as she could. He took it well she noticed, he was used to this. Time to pick up the pace.

She rolled off him and reached for the riding crop. Without warning she hit his penis with it, harder and harder with each stroke. He would be in agony for some time, she would leave bruises but she didn’t care. She continued to punish him, pulling his hair, clamping his nipples, whacking his thighs with the crop until he came. The pleasure of the pain was too much for him and he exploded over her. The man was exhausted, battered and sore.

She packed her things and sent her driver a txt. 700 Euro for 90 minutes work and a satisfied client. A good evening indeed. She undid one hand and left him lying there. That was what she did. She knew he would lie there exhausted and eventually summon the strength to untie himself and clean up. He would be texting her for another appointment in 4 weeks, regular as clockwork. This time it would be an afternoon visit, she liked the thought of him tied to a tree while she lay back and spread her legs in the sun. "Mmmm I'm going to enjoy that" she mused.

She arrived home and undressed, putting her things away, cleaning what needed cleaning and packing everything away tills next time. “I wonder what he will say at work on Monday?” she thought to herself. Her boss could treat her like shit at work but she loved getting her own back.


  1. ytownohm@yahoo.com23 July 2011 at 13:28

    very nice story

  2. that is a really hot and sexy story. Love the pictures, especially the one with the dildo being inserted inside you. Please keep the stories and pictures (videos too) cumming

  3. As a fellow photog and author, I can confidently tell you two that you both truly have the gift of writing and a flair for photography! Although I am not a BDSM fan, this story grabbed my attention and kept my cock hard to the end! Excellent job!

    Just wished this damn system would notify me of your updates... hate to miss any! Keep up the good work my friends!


  4. What a f****ng HOT story !! I'm not really a fan of BDSM but this story turned me on and the pictures are sooooooooo hot !!

    I love those great black leather lacked high heel boots !! Awesome !

    Keep those fine stories (and great arousing pictures) coming !!

  5. WOW! i am just begining to figure out how all this works. reading your stories and seeing these delightful shots is really distracting me from learning/figuring out the where to comment how to follow sign in and all other user actions.
    this seems incredible fun. thank you for inviting me.

  6. Great storie it gets me so hot my cock is hard as blue steel when i finish(trymempb)mm good keep it comming!!!

  7. Love this one! The thought of Ella like this makes me hard as a rock and the pictures of her beautiful body send me over the top. I would love to get lost in one of her stories with her sometime :)


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