Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Considering members only site

Hi all, 

we have built up a solid following now and really want to keep our blog niche and interact with people of like minds. We are considering moving to a members only type site so that we have a little more control over who we let in. We could simply change the blog to member only and send everyone who has email notifications or follows the blog an invitation.

To clarify we aren't necessarily talking about a pay site or any form of membership fee, security and privacy is the real issue. Though we have some ideas that you might like to contribute a few $ too, we will talk about those separately.

We would be grateful if you could respond to the poll on the right hand side of the blog and also give us your thoughts.


Mark and Ella

PS Hope you like red nail polish :)

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Hi Ella

Poor Ella has been unwell and feeling a little lonely and miserable so I called her this evening to say hello and cheer her up a little. It was late her time and she couldn't sleep so I suggested that some relaxation and satisfaction might be in order. And sure enough it was. You can see a little of that below :)

Neither of us have had much time for this of late, sorry about that. Both busy and have the flu (ironically in my spring and Ella's autumn). We have a couple of posts that are close to complete we will share shortly and Ella has a little treat waiting in her email when she wakes up that may just result in some more ;-)

Meanwhile take a little peak at Ella enjoying herself and tell her how sexy she is, right now she could do with cheering up 



Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Next HD Video Available

Hi again everyone. The next 1080P video is uploaded and ready for your viewing pleasure. Its the high def version of Part IV the final video. You can download it by clicking here.

We hope you enjoy

Ella and Mark

Monday, 10 October 2011

Something in our mail

One of the great things about running our blog is the feedback we get. Sometimes we get a little something special in the email like we have today.

"Hi Ella, 

I'm loving your blog and particularly your photographs. We share a love of photography and thought you might enjoy this shot we took recently. Hope you like. 

Shame we are in Boston, not France, we could have some fun together

Grace xox"

Well, thank you Grace for the email and for letting us share your pic. Anyone else who has a photograph or two you would like to share (a photo of your own of course), feel free to email us mjames2244@gmail.com


Almost 40,000 page views

Hi Everyone,

Seems our blog is still pretty popular and we've got a good following going. We've reached almost 40,000 pageviews now, thanks for all your support. Things have been very busy for both of us, I'm deep into a project at work that finishes shortly and Ella is settling into a new life (at least for a few months) in a new city, in a foreign country and working at the language.

There is some new content coming shortly, we will get there eventually. So thanks for the patience. I'm also loading up 1080p versions of our videos as time and bandwidth allows so keep an eye out for those. Love to hear about how you've enjoyed those too by the way  :-)

Thanks also for the poll answers, will keep those going and find out your preferences and try to fine tune our content to those.

More soon

Mark and Ella


Friday, 7 October 2011

At last, HD video uploads underway

Hi everyone, I know these have been a while coming. A few technical issues with our local ISP but pleased to say we are now back on track. The first video is from our post on the 25th of August, The video series you've been waiting for Part III and the download can be found here. We hope you enjoy.

Meanwhile we've tweaked the layout of the blog to allow bigger videos and pictures. Give us your feedback and let us know if you have any issues.
Ella and Mark