Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Hi Ella

Poor Ella has been unwell and feeling a little lonely and miserable so I called her this evening to say hello and cheer her up a little. It was late her time and she couldn't sleep so I suggested that some relaxation and satisfaction might be in order. And sure enough it was. You can see a little of that below :)

Neither of us have had much time for this of late, sorry about that. Both busy and have the flu (ironically in my spring and Ella's autumn). We have a couple of posts that are close to complete we will share shortly and Ella has a little treat waiting in her email when she wakes up that may just result in some more ;-)

Meanwhile take a little peak at Ella enjoying herself and tell her how sexy she is, right now she could do with cheering up 




  1. Beautiful photos of a stunning woman. Mark, thanks for emailing and giving us the link to your blog....we've been looking for something just like this. Sensual photos and video…very nice.

  2. jamesheston@gmx.co.uk18 October 2011 at 14:05

    mmmmm - put the boots on baby! ;)

  3. I think I'm gonna love this blog ;-) xXx LuvYa Ella Keep taking those pics Mark ;-)


  4. I'd love to slip my tongue up in there and twirl it around a bit.

  5. I enjoy your blog. Ella is beautiful, sensual and sexy. The videos and pictures are great. I love the combination of very artistic, frank and open presentation of the sexual experience. In other words, it is not just porn masquerading as art. I think you for all the time you put into your blog. Would you put me on your email list? banana1o5@netscape.net

  6. Wow would I love to push my tongue between those beautiful pussy lips. Yummmmm. rayjoplin@yahoo.com

  7. very nice Ella ... know what could be even more enticing?? A piercing or two! My yummy mummy bride pierced her nipples for me in Vegas this past summer, I still get wood thinking about it. do it Ella, pierce those nipples!!


  8. Get well Ella. Love the depth you finger gets

  9. Ella - You need no changes at all. Your photos are beautifully erotic.


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