Monday, 10 October 2011

Almost 40,000 page views

Hi Everyone,

Seems our blog is still pretty popular and we've got a good following going. We've reached almost 40,000 pageviews now, thanks for all your support. Things have been very busy for both of us, I'm deep into a project at work that finishes shortly and Ella is settling into a new life (at least for a few months) in a new city, in a foreign country and working at the language.

There is some new content coming shortly, we will get there eventually. So thanks for the patience. I'm also loading up 1080p versions of our videos as time and bandwidth allows so keep an eye out for those. Love to hear about how you've enjoyed those too by the way  :-)

Thanks also for the poll answers, will keep those going and find out your preferences and try to fine tune our content to those.

More soon

Mark and Ella



  1. October 2011 at 14:13

    There is something about the taste of another man in a woman's pussy that drives me wild.. A guy can dream - but would so love to share ! Keep up the great photography and horny scenario's - would love to see some of you taking Ella in her shiny boots.. you could cum on those too.. x

  2. Phwoar, I have only recently been properly looking through your blog and there is some very sensual and raunchy stuff in here!
    I love the style of your shots Mark, would you perhaps be willing to take some shots of myself?

    - Rebecca


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