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Thanks for all the support

Hi everyone, we've been delighted with all the support you've given us for our blog and the messages you've left us, both here and via email. Ella is currently finishing a stressful project at work and about to depart for a well earned break for a few days but has asked me to say a special thank you for the feedback and tell you she loves getting your comments.

We've got more planned shortly including another story that should be posted before the weekend, complete with some self portraits Ella will be putting together. The story is amazing and the pictures she has described to me should be very stimulating indeed, I know I cant wait. She's also promised a few pictures from her trip when she returns next week so look out for those.

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We couldn't end a post without a photo so here is one we took recently, hope you like it and if you do don't be shy about saying. Look out of the new story in a few days

Mark and Ella

Sunday, 19 June 2011

A note from Ella x

Hi Guys and Girls,

I'm so glad you found your way to our blog.  We hope our blog enriches and toys with your mind, imagination, relationships and above all causes your cocks to throb and pussies to tingle with anticipation and lust.

I encourage and challenge you to share your deepest darkest secrets with us. It's these thoughts and comments that I get off on while I'm alone stroking my clit and pounding my arse or while I'm riding Marks hard cock deep into my deliciously wet cunt.

It's my desire that you tell us what you love about my body and our stories.  But most of all tell me what you want to see more of, tell me what you want to see me do for you, tell us what adventures you want to see us get up to.  Share your deepest darkest desires and secrets with us and feel free to send us some of your own pics that I can get off to and incorporate into our stories.

ps- I love knowing that your cocks throb while you look at my sweet cunt and that you read our blog with your partner before you thrust your tongue into her pussy all while you finger her arse.

Help us push our boundaries and live out a life less ordinary.

Love Ella


Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Two weeks later

It had been two weeks since Mark had left, presumably with Pierre, if those were actually their names or not. Not that she ever expected to see them again. It had been an interesting experience, one that she didn't regret. That surprised her, a month ago she would have been horrified at what had happened with the two men. She certainty didn't see herself as that "type of girl". She was attractive, intelligent and relatively conservative, at least that’s how she liked people to see her.

She had enjoyed that weekend, and yes she wanted more. Of course she couldn't expect the apartment next door to be filled with charming young men from down under with sexual appetites to match at all times. She had found out that Mark had rented the apartment for the weekend only. He had told her he was there for six months, all part of the game no doubt. By now he was probably in Spain doing something very similar with a boy called Sergio or whatever name he and Pierre deemed up.

It was Saturday morning and she sipped her green tea, while struggling to read her morning paper. As she had told Mark, her Italian was very passable but French was proving a little more difficult. Two languages was manageable but three? She knew enough to make herself understood but crept back to English like a safe haven.

Her mind drifted back to the Mark 'episode'. She was now missing the physical and emotional connection with a partner. Her weekend with Mark around did t satisfy those itches but it certainly helped with the urges she was feeling more and more. She enjoyed quiet time with herself, exploring her own body but she wanted more, some excitement. She had enjoyed the exhibitionist in her with Mark and Pierre and also enjoyed playing the voyeur, watching them.

The owner of Mark's apartment had told her that Mark was only their for the weekend and she would continue to rent it out to tourists, but that she could expect it to be empty most of the time. In fact she had told Ella she was welcome to the apartment if it was empty and she had friends visiting. The woman, Danielle, had said something a little strange also. “I think we should focus on nice young men renting the apartment" I'm sure you would appreciate the view more.

Ella wondered about Danielle, around her age, quite attractive with a home in the surrounding countryside. She didn't live in her apartment in the city and seemed to be single. She liked her and imagined they may become friends. Danielle had a certain glint in her eye. Ella had seen her in a couple of the local bars and had shared a drink with her more than once. In fact Danielle had invited her to dinner in her country home, when they both had time. "Call me" she had said.

Ella considered her day. A quiet Saturday, grocery shopping and returning for a quiet night in writing her diary. Something she hoped would turn into a memoir at some stage, but primarily for her to read and recall her life adventures. Her mind returned to earlier adventures, her first visit to Dijon with him all those years before. "Mmmm, good memories" she reminisced. Reaching for her computer she dug and found some of the pictures from that trip.

Among the pictures were some of Dijon, the view from the apartment they had stayed in, the very same building, the floor above hers and marginally closer to the square, the churches, the streets, the shops. "Mmmm shopping, it's been too long", she said to herself, quickly deciding to spend the day treating herself. She could afford it, provided she didn't go crazy. She knew she couldn't find shoes to fit without a visit to Paris, she probably had enough coats and handbags. What else was there apart from clothes?

She flicked absent-mindedly through the pictures, looking at the shops. There amongst them was a shot of a shop on a corner, a very tight corner, perhaps 45 degrees. She hadn't looked closely before but did now, enlarging it to see what the shop was. She knew the corner vaguely, at the other end of the city. "Ahhh a lingerie shop, as usual he had more on his mind that the architecture!" She smiled; he was a sex maniac but a lovable one.

So it was settled, she would hunt down the shop and buy herself some new lingerie, some nice everyday things, but maybe something special too. After all "I do deserve a treat" she thought to herself. She dressed, jeans and a nice top, a coat and of course the nicest lingerie she could find. "Ughh, I so need some new things" she thought to herself.

The shop, if she recalled correctly was about 4 kilometers away. It was a nice day and it would be a pleasant walk, perhaps stop for a coffee along the way. She set off, pausing to window shop along the way. "Hmmm I'm going to have to come back and get that coat" she thought, noting a knee length tailored coat, perfect for winter. Black, of course, and elegant. "That has my name on it".

She stopped at one of the cafe's as she wandered along Rue Musette. A place she had been before, decent coffee and pastries, "perhaps a small one" she thought to herself. She sat at a table in the morning sun. A slight chill in the air but warm enough. She ordered a coffee and a croissant. "Bonjour Ella", she turned and saw Danielle smiling at her. "Puis-je m'asseoir aced vous?" she asked. "Oui" Ella replied, "it's nice to see you Danielle" slipping back into English and her comfort zone.

They chatted about the usual, the weather, and local news, nothing important. "I should let you get on with your day Ella, do you have anything planned?" she said as they finished their coffee. "Just a little shopping", Ella replied. "Something pretty I hope" Danielle said, smiling at her. "Mark mentioned how beautiful his neighbor was, I had to agree"

"Well I was going to treat myself to some new lingerie, so yes something pretty" she smiled.  "Would you like a second opinion Ella, I'd be happy to accompany you" said Danielle. Ella looked back at her quizzically. "Oh come on, it will be fun and I promise to like your taste". Ella smiled and said, "Yes, I would like that".

They set off discussing the shop Ella had singled out. "Ahhh yes they have many pretty things" said Danielle. They found their way to the store and looked briefly at the window display before entering. "Mon ami veut quelque chose de tres sexy" Danielle said to the first assistant who approached them. Ella cringed, she wanted things she could wear daily and well, yes, something sexy.

"Let's browse Ella, show me what you like and I will show you what I like, perhaps I will buy a few things for myself too". Ella was warming to this, playing dress ups with Danielle might just be fun. Danielle was an efficient shopper, before long she had a number of things to try on. "Come with me and tell me what you like on me" she said at Ella, making eye contact and smiling back at her.

Ella followed her dutifully to the changing rooms and stood at the door as Danielle entered. "Don't be silly, come in with me" said Danielle, pulling at her wrist. The room was spacious with a bench and chair, clearly setup for two, typically man and wife she imagined but often friends too she expected. "I think you will like these Ella" said Danielle as she began to undress in that European way, not at all self-conscious.

Ella looked away, wanting to look but feeling she shouldn't. "It's alright Ella, I don't mind you seeing me naked, don't be shy, look all you want". She looked up and smiled, "ok, thank you Danielle". Danielle undressed, handing Ella her clothes to hang until she stood there naked. "You like?" she asked Ella, smiling at her. "Yes, yes I do" she stammered back.

Danielle was reasonably tall and quite slim. Nice legs and shape, lovely breasts, and as her eyes moved down her body, smooth between the legs. Ella felt a slight tingle between her own legs, she couldn't remember being this close to another naked woman. It was something she had thought about but had yet to experience.

Danielle tried on several things and decided upon a black corset. Removable shoulder straps and suspenders and some gorgeous silk stockings. "what do you think Ella, you think Mark will like this when he gets back?". "What the fuck!" she said, almost aloud. Suddenly her head was spinning. "Mark?" she stammered. "Yes, I have a little confession. Mark is my husband, he works out of the country most of the time now and we don't see a lot of each other but we are still married"

"He told me what had happened, he and Pierre use the apartment sometimes. I don't really mind, I knew he was bi when we first met. The only rule is that he doesn't bring it home. I hope you won't be angry at me for not saying sooner" Ella's mind was racing. She was sitting here with a beautiful naked woman, one she was oddly attracted to, listening to her tell of her husband, that had been having sex with a male friend and god knows what else.

"Now that we've got that out of the way, let's shop for you if you are still up to it". "Ok, I have to admit I'm a little distracted now but I'd like that" Ella replied. Danielle took her selection to the counter and said she would return once they had selected something for her friend. Ella glanced over the racks and selected a few things she liked. "Try this" Danielle said passing her a bra, panties and classical lace suspender belt. Ella checked the label and grimaced at the prices, 450 Euro or more in total.

They returned to the changing room and Danielle took her clothes as she undressed. Now it was her turn to be naked in front of Danielle. "Yes, Mark was right, you are very beautiful Ella" "How much did he tell you Danielle?" "Everything Ella, we have no secrets". Ella didn't know whether to laugh or cry. This was crazy.

She tried on the expensive lingerie. It was beautiful and yes she looked stunning in it. "I don't really think I can afford it" she said to Danielle. "I will buy it for you Ella, it's Mark's credit card and it’s the least he can do after that weekend. He owes you!" said Danielle. "Are you sure?" Ella replied, "it's a lot of money" "Perfectly sure but there is one small condition". "What's that?" Ella asked. "You must come for dinner and you must wear your new lingerie. Tonight" Ella looked at her and simply smiled, "yes I would love too"

She walked home having bid goodbye to Danielle, the day-to-day lingerie would have to wait for another day. She had arranged to drive to Danielle’s house and arrive around 7. And no, she was relieved to hear, Mark wouldn’t be there. He was in Paris at his real job, in Agriculture but permanently based in Paris. She looked forward to an evening with Danielle, nervous but excited also.

She arrived home and began to prepare for her evening. It was two weeks since her last wax and her legs and pussy were showing a few wisps of hair. After soaking in a bath she would take a fresh razor and deal to those. Her hair was fine, long and straight but she would make an effort and tie it up or tie it back. A little makeup for a change, her ‘special’ lace top stockings, the lingerie Danielle had bought for her, and her classical black dress.

She enjoyed the bath and set about preparing herself. Firstly naked, shaving her legs and carefully removing the wisps of hair on her pussy, yes both were now nice and smooth. She dried her hair and decided on a simple pony tail, all those years ago he had told her how much he liked her hair tied back, showing off her long slender neck and her cute ears. “He knew something” she thought to herself.

Then the lingerie. Beautiful and soft to the touch, it fitted perfectly and felt so good against her skin. Into the dress, figure hugging and showing off her curves, high at the neck, demure but very, very sexy. Classic black heels to complete the look. She looked in the mirror, “Yes I do look good and I feel great”. She selected a bottle of wine from her small but quality selection and left.

Danielle lived some 10 kilometers out of Dijon in a small village called Messigny-et-Vantoux.  A charming little village in which her charming, not so little house nestled, well not so little compared to her apartment she thought as Danielle welcomed her at the door. “Ahhh Ella, you look ravishing I must say” “Thank you Danielle, you look beautiful” she replied admiring her cream dress and heels, knowing she too was wearing her purchase from earlier in the day.

She saw her into the living room and motioned her to a leather couch in front of the fire. The house was at least 150 years old but immaculate, the walls were covered in artworks and what looked like mementos from travels. Interestingly it was clearly Danielle’s house and not Mark's. I bore the marks of a woman, with little obvious sign of a man's presence.

Danielle returned from the kitchen with a glass of wine for each of them. “Dinner will be an hour or so but it’s taking care of itself”. She curled up at the other end of the couch, removing her shoes and motioning Ella to do likewise. “This is so nice” Ella thought to herself. Danielle was growing on her, she was articulate, intelligent, successful, and she was showing a lot of interest in Ella.

They talked about each other’s lives, how they had ended up here and even a little about Mark while they waited for dinner to cook. They laughed and drank, smiling at each other, each knowing where this was heading, where they would end up after dinner and a second bottle of wine. Ella smiled at the prospect, Danielle smiled back. 

Dinner was the classic French dish Coq a Vin accompanied by beans (topped with shaved almonds) and a potato soufflé. Danielle was a wonderful hostess and a great cook. Dessert was crepe’s, perfectly cooked and stuffed with fresh fruit. They smiled across the table at each other, they were well satisfied, in one respect at least.

“I have a confession to make to you Ella”, “What’s that Danielle?” she replied. “Well it’s a little embarrassing but I will tell you”, “Go on”, “I’ve had my eye on you for a little while, I hoped we would become friends and I hoped that we would end up together like this, excited by each other” Ella blushed but smiled softly back at her, “I’m glad”

“When Mark described what he had seen to me, what he and Pierre had done I knew I wanted you and I knew I had to have you. Can I be frank with you Ella?” “Of course, go ahead” Ella was hanging on every word, this was so unexpected and not something she had ever seriously contemplated but she was loving this, the intimacy between two women.

“I have had highly inappropriate thoughts about you Ella, over a number of weeks. Seeing you naked today for myself however put me over the edge. I have spent the afternoon, how do you say it in English, Ahhh masturbating? Playing with myself as I waited for you to arrive. I hope you don’t find that too shocking?” “Given what you’ve been told about me I don’t find that shocking at all” Ella replied.

“I have a special request for you Ella, may I ask you?” “Of course, please go ahead” she replied. “I would like you to do for me what Mark saw, I would like you to masturbate for me and perhaps enjoy me doing it for you. Would you like that?” “Yes I would” Ella replied without even thinking it, she knew why she was here and what she wanted to. This sounded like a perfect place to start.

“Come with me” Danielle said taking her hand and leading her to her bedroom. The room was warm and softly lit, she had obviously hoped to get her there and had paid attention to detail. Crisp white sheets, a feather duvet, mood lighting, heaven. “May I undress you Ella?”, “You may do anything you wish Danielle” she replied smiling at her knowingly.

Danielle unzipped Ella's dress, slowly lifting it up over her head. “Mmmm she said, you look fantastic in that lingerie, we chose well. Would you mind if I just take your bra and knickers off and leave the rest?” “As I said Danielle, whatever you wish” Ella replied. Danielle skillfully removed them and Ella stood there almost naked. The warm room meant she was comfortable, more comfortable than she ever expected.

Danielle removed her dress and stood there in her new corset, the matching knickers came off quickly but she left the rest on. “Shall we?” she asked, taking Ella’s hand and leading her to the bed. “So far I’ve only asked you to masturbate for me and suggested I do the same for you. I think we should start there and take it slowly, is that ok?” “Yes of course Danielle, just understand I will lie here on your bed, naked and do those things to myself and all the while my head will be full of the things I would like to do to you, is that all right?” “Why of course” Danielle replied.

“Just like Mark saw darling, show me what he described”.  Ella cast her mind back and tried to recall what Mark must have seen. It was a while ago but she remembered the scene, after a long bath, lying on her bed after a hard day. She closed her eyes and spread her legs, hoping that Danielle would position herself to see everything. And she began.

She was nervous, almost shy. Ridiculous really, here she was on another woman’s bed, spread-eagled, there wasn’t anything to hide now, she could see it all. Slowly she slid a hand up to her breast, gently rubbing her nipple, licking her fingers to lubricate them. Then slowly she brushed a hand over her pussy, she heard Danielle gasp, she was obviously enjoying this. She eased a finger between her lips and up over her clit. She was wet, very wet.

Slowly she worked her finger up and down her wet slit, she loved the softness and the wetness, so slippery and so sensitive to the touch. Lower and lower her finger slid, closer and closer to her opening with every careful stroke. Her mind turned to the thought of Mark watching her, to Mark standing at the window stroking his cock as she fingered herself.

She slid the finger into herself, just to the first knuckle at first and then deeper, she stroked the roof of her vagina, with her finger, her thumb resting on her clit. Her nipple clamped between her thumb and forefinger. She hoped Danielle was enjoying this, should she look, see what her face said or loose herself in this. Some more of this exquisite pleasure she decided.

She felt her juices oozing out of her, running between her fingers, over her anus. She loved getting this wet. She loved the thought of doing this in front of another woman. She shuddered as the tension built up in her; she was about to come, almost too quickly. And then it happened, she came in tiny waves of ecstasy. A nice sweet gentle orgasm. A nice start and hopefully more to come.

She opened her eyes and said “Your turn” to Danielle. Danielle sat at the end of the bed, in her armchair, both feet up on the bed, slightly apart. She was smiling, “that was beautiful Ella. Would you like to watch me now?” “You know I would Danielle”. With that Danielle joined her on the bed, her head at the foot of the bed, her feet at the head, the opposite direction to Ella.

Danielle spread her legs and smiled up at Ella. Ella moved and lay across the bed; resting on her forearm she positioned herself between Danielle’s outstretched legs. “Mmmm” thought Ella, “what a beautiful pussy”. She wanted to reach out and touch her, experience her, compare it to touching herself. Danielle looked up at her and smiled. She began to touch herself. Ella watched fascinated, "what did this woman like to do to herself?"

“You like my cunt don’t you Ella, you can’t take your eyes off can you?” “Yes I do” she replied quietly. With that she spread her lips wide and made direct eye contact. “You want to fuck my cunt with your tongue you dirty little bitch?” Ella was slightly shocked, Danielle came across as such a conservative woman, and she was seeing a whole new side of her. “You do, admit it, you want your tongue in my cunt don’t you? Say it” she said, assertively.

“Yes Danielle, I want to fuck your sweet cunt with my tongue and I want you to come for me” Ella yelled at her.  “You have to wait” Danielle replied, “Watch and imagine how good it feels”. With that she sunk two fingers into herself and began to fuck her own pussy, harder and harder. The fingers on her other hand rubbed her clit furiously and then she came, she shook and let out a low growl.

Ella sat back and marveled at the sight. Her new friend spent, lying at the other end of the bed from her. She smiled and took Danielle’s hand; She pulled her to her and wrapped her arms around her. They entwined and Ella held her, feeling her warmth. At that moment she was truly in heaven.

“Mmmm this is perfect” Danielle purred. “I have feeling we are going to have so much fun together” And so it proved, that night she learnt what she had been told so often by the men in her life. The smell, the taste, the feel of another woman’s pussy was magical. She enjoyed Danielle and she enjoyed every inch of her. And the experience of Danielle pleasuring her was something else again.

They lay together, Ella with her arms around Danielle. They woke the following morning. The smell of each other on their skin. This was to be the start of a wonderful friendship.

Monday, 13 June 2011

Next story on its way

We hope you are enjoying our blog so far. We have the next story ready to post but need to take some photographs to complement it. Check back in a day or two, you wont be disappointed.

Meanwhile a couple more of our photographs to keep you occupied. As always, love to hear your comments.

Sunday, 12 June 2011

A weekend in Dijon

It had been a long week and she was looking forward to getting home to her small but perfectly formed apartment. It had a single main room, bed, dining table, sofa, TV etc., everything she needed. A small, but sunny, kitchen and a lovely bathroom. She had settled in Dijon and found an apartment in the same building they had stayed in all those years ago. She remembered back to that visit, just a couple of days, but a happy visit to a lovely town.

It was 5pm on a Friday, work was done and as they were coming into spring still light. It would be for an hour or two still. She threw open the curtains and let the late afternoon sun stream in. She felt the warmth on her face. “What should I do with my evening?” she thought. She was tired and not interested in going out with her French friends, tonight she would relax.

She poured herself a glass of wine, a French Red. Lighter than the wines she had grown accustomed to in her homeland. She stood at the window listening to the sounds of people bustling to and fro, going about their business. The view was out across the street and looked out on a similar apartment building not much more than 10 meters away.

Relaxed she took off her skirt and blouse, laying them on the bed and returned to the window. She liked the feel of the sun on her now exposed skin. She loved the freedom of walking around her apartment naked or in her lingerie when she wished. She was high enough up that no one could see her from the street and the apartment opposite hers was routinely empty, only used occasionally by tourists.

She wandered to the bathroom and began to pour the bath she had longed for all afternoon. She slipped out of her bra and panties and returned to the kitchen to top up her wine glass. The sun felt even better against her now naked body and she returned to the window. She sat on the sill, recalling the photographs he had taken of her in this very building.

She returned to the bathroom, turned off the taps and climbed into her bath. A large claw footed iron bath she loved. The water was warm and she sank into it slowly, enjoying the slight burn it gave her as she eased into it an inch at a time. Finally she was in fully and she laid back eyes closed and happy. She sipped her wine from time to time and ran her hands over her naked body.

She was tempted to touch herself and orgasm there and then but hesitated. That was something she loved doing laying on her bed, in that big room. She would do just that shortly, when she was warm and relaxed from the bath. She finished her wine and lay back and relaxed.

The water was getting colder and it was time to leave the bath. She stepped out onto the towel she had carefully placed on the floor and reached for the warm one from the towel rail. Slowly she dried herself. Today she had treated herself to a wax, legs and pussy and the towel felt great against her newly smooth skin. She walked naked back into the room.

The sun was a little lower in the sky and casting longer shadows. Still streaming in through the windows the room was warm. But a gentle breeze had drifted down the street so she went to the windows one by one and closed them. She leaned out to close each not concerned if she was seen. In fact, truth be known she quite liked the idea of people catching a glimpse of her. She looked after herself and she looked good naked. Why not let them see.

She looked over at the bed, sun streaming through the window lighting it beautifully. She loved her bed, crisp linen, beautiful pillows, and her sanctuary. It was time she thought, “I’ve earned this”. She lay back on the soft bed, stretching herself, getting comfortable, “mmm I’ve looked forward to this all day”. She opened her legs a little to give herself access and slowly drew the fingers of her left hand across her pussy.

It was hard to describe how good her pussy felt to her touch when it was just waxed like this. Even though her hair was sparse and barely noticeable it always felt that little bit better when freshly waxed. For a week or so it was heaven and she knew she would pleasure herself regularly in the days to come.

Slowly she probed, first running her flat hand and palm across herself. Down almost to her anus and back up past her clit. Gently but firm enough to feel it inside her, a faint tingling in her womb that she loved. She went on to gently run her clit, pulling her lips back to expose it from under its hood. Gently stroking it and running a finger down into herself, feeling her wetness. A wetness that had been there for some, since earlier in the day, waiting to be explored.

She began to dip her finger into herself, a little deeper each stroke, enjoying the sensations her finger brought to her most intimate cavity. She looked towards the windows and the sun pouring in. The breeze had got up a little and was moving the curtains in the apartment opposite. “Hmmm there must be a tourist arriving” she thought to herself. Her neighbour would open the windows a few hours before the guests arrived to make sure it was fresh for them.

She spent a leisurely hour pleasuring herself, her breasts, her nipples, her pussy and even a little anal play, something she liked to relax with. It was time to get up and make some dinner. Something Italian and more of that wine. She rose from the bed and walked across to the windows to draw the curtains. Long drapes in beautiful fabric that she loved, so much so that she took the apartment on the spot.

She looked across the street at the apartment opposite. The windows were open and she thought they need closing, it was getting cold now. The light came on in the apartment across the street and a man in his 40’s walked into the room. Startled she leapt behind the curtain, covering herself. “My god I hope he hasn’t been there long” she thought to herself.

The man saw her, her face at least and waved. Gingerly she waved back and considered her escape route. Drop to the floor and crawl to the bathroom for her robe? Simply close the curtains and hide? The first seemed comical, the second almost rude. She hesitated and before she could do either the man walked to his window and gestured to her to open hers.

“Oh my god” she thought, what do I do. He gestured again and smiled. She relented and reached an arm out to open the window, wrapping herself tightly in the curtain. “Hello” he said. “Do you speak English?” in a thick accent, Australian she thought. “Um yes I do as a matter of fact” she said to him. They grinned, she was naked and he knew it.

“I couldn’t help noticing you” he said. “No one told me Dijon would be full of beautiful naked women”. “Oh shit” she muttered to herself he had seen her walking to the window. Well it could be worse, he seemed like a gentleman and was reasonably attractive, “If you’re going to expose yourself to someone” she thought, “he would be a reasonable choice”. At least he was just a tourist. The embarrassment would past at worst she would have to avoid him for a few days.

“Oh god I’m so embarrassed” she said. “I don’t flaunt myself like that to my neighbours as a habit”. “That’s quite all right, I didn’t see much and what I did see wasn’t unpleasant. I’m sorry I invaded your privacy, but it was hard not to look,” he said. “Its ok, not the end of the world but I can see I’m going to have to keep my curtains closed for a few days” she replied. “Oh I will be here for a while” he replied, “six months actually”. “Fuck!” she thought to herself, managing a weak smile back at his grin.

“Damn, I need to be so much more careful” she thought to herself. She hoped he could be discrete. “I’m sorry" he said, "I really shouldn’t have looked. Let me make it up to you”. “It’s fine, you don’t need to honestly” she said. “I insist, I’m new in town and I was going to wander out for dinner later, I think you should come with me, unless of course you need to stay in and wash your hair”. They both laughed and she thought, “Yes ok, why not”. “It will have to be somewhere nice, I warn you I’m not a cheap date” she quipped back.

“That’s settled then” he said, “I will meet you downstairs in the street at 8. Book somewhere nice and I will pay. You can tell me all about Dijon”. “Ok, I guess I can risk dinner with you if you are prepared to risk me selecting the restaurant” she replied. She would take him to a little place she knew well, one that they had visited on their first visit, good food, moderate prices and intimate. “What the hell am I doing” she thought to herself. “See you at 8”.

She watched him walk back to his kitchen and took the chance to scurry to the bathroom. She had to admit she was a little excited. This man had seen her naked and now she was going to share dinner with him. She realized she didn’t even know his name!

“Well this changes my plans” she thought to herself. “What am I going to wear? What do you wear out to dinner with a stranger? And what to wear out with a stranger who’s just had an eyeful of your assets, smooth pussy and all.” “No secrets here" she thought. “Its not really fair, I don’t get to check him out!”. She put her robe on and went to draw the curtains fully. She wasn’t making that mistake again.

She had plenty of time to get ready. She loved the way the Europeans ate later in the evening and the new arrival had at least made an effort, 8:30 by the time they were seated would be early by local standards but not obscenely early. There was enough time to relax, “No more wine though” she thought. Drunk before the meal started was a recipe for disaster as she remembered all too well.

She dressed casually, nice but not too sexy. She dried her hair and finished dressing. Just a little makeup, nice blouse, her favourite jeans and a nice pair of heels. She looked at herself in the mirror, she looked good, turning to checkout her butt, still looking hot into her 30's. She found a coat she liked from the collection in her wardrobe and her scarf. Checking the time, it was 7:50. "Time for a little Dutch courage? No I wont, don't want to do anything stupid, I have to live next to him for the next 6 months".

It was 8pm and rather go down and wait for him in the cold she wandered over to the window to see if he was in the street below. There he was, well dressed but not overdressed. "Juliet, Juliet there for art thou" he whispered up at her. She blushed, just a little but smiled back at him. "It's Ella as it happens, and Romeo, what should I call you?". "My names Mark" he said grinning back at her. "Nice to meet you Mark, I'll be right down". She closed the window and went down to join him.

Mark was tall, reasonably so. Probably her height when she wasn't wearing her heels. "My, you are tall" he said grinning like an idiot. He laughed "you get told that all the time I'm sure, like you didn't realize". "Precisely" she said smiling. They walked through the streets, indulging in the usual small talk. Mark was from Melbourne, Italian descent, big family etc. In Dijon on business, worked in agriculture and was on secondment.

She liked him, he was quiet but had a confidence about him, intelligent and a gentleman. She liked that. The arrived at the restaurant and were greeted by Olivier the owner. "Ahhh Mademoiselle you are back, and with a handsome man in tow" he grinned. She ate here once in a while and had come to know Olivier. The restaurateur had something of a reputation amongst the local young women. He sketched in his spare time and she should expect an invitation to see his work she was told. "If only they knew" she had thought to herself.

As she soon found out, Mark's French was quite good and he was able to explain the new menu to her easily. "My French is awful but you should hear my Italian" she joked. "I'd like that" he said staring right into her eyes. "Oh no, eye contact already, this is going to get dangerous" she thought to herself. Mark was attractive in a rugged Australian way and he was growing on her.

They ate well, the food was as good as ever and the wine rich and full. They talked of their respective homes, the usual get to know you things. They finished and went to pay. Mark insisted on paying and left a tip. "I hope we see you both again soon" said Olivier. "So do I" said Mark as they left. They walked home through the streets, she pointing out landmarks along the way.

There they stood at her doorstep. "Thank you for a lovely evening Mark, a surprising end to my week" she said. "You're most welcome Ella. I hope to see more of you in my time here". She laughed "haven't you seen enough already! I think you have". "On the contrary" he replied kissing her on the cheek. "Goodnight Ella" he said over his shoulder as he unlocked his door and headed in. "Goodnight Mark" she said after him.

She undressed and prepared for bed. It had been a good evening. A surprising turn of events, a nice man and yes a prospect. She left her mind drift as she brushed her teeth, smiling to herself and wondering what Mark was doing, pees than 20 meters away. She was tempted to turn the lights off and have peek. She resisted the temptation and went to bed. She lay awake for some time, her head full of pleasant thoughts. Eventually, she drifted off to sleep.

It was Saturday morning and she had slept well. 9:30am as she looked at the alarm clock. Early starts most days but the weekend was different, a sleep in. She crossed the room and drew the curtains. A gorgeous sunny morning, no wind. She looked across at Marks apartment. He was up and walking around his apartment. She looked on as he in shorts and a t-shirt walked to his kitchen. She tithes and walked to her kitchen to make her morning cup of tea.

She contemplated her day, Saturday was her day to relax. She would walk down to the markets to buy her groceries, perhaps stop for coffee, spend the afternoon reading and perhaps meet friends for drinks that evening. Her thoughts drifted to Mark, just briefly. She smiled to herself, he was a prospect and she hadn't had sex in far too long. She wouldn't throw herself at him, he would have to work for it but maybe just maybe she would fuck him.

Her Saturday was relaxing and she enjoyed the weather. She saw friends in the town centre and arranged to meet them in a bar later in the evening. Early evening she prepared a light meal and tidied the apartment, she would be glad for it the next morning. Fed, the apartment tidy she put on some music and made herself a coffee. The sun streamed in and she sat in her favourite chair and enjoyed the coffee, the cup warming her hand.

She gazed out window, enjoying the last warmth of the sun as the twilight set in. The sun slowly dropped below the building opposite and she glanced across at Mark's apartment. She saw him fleetingly walk across the room, a towel around his waist. "Nice", she thought to herself. She looked forward to her next encounter with the Australian.

And then she saw him. Another man. A friend perhaps, but naked. "0h my god, what’s going on here" she thought to herself. The second man walked into Mark's bedroom and lay on the bed. To her horror Mark followed him into the room, and let the towel drop. She knew se shouldn't watch but she was transfixed. This was fascinating, she was like a moth drawn to a flame. Mark was charming but he was clearly gay.

The two men embraced and kissed. This was surreal, she watched open-mouthed as Mark's hand grasped his lover’s penis, stroking it lovingly. She was appalled and excited at the same time. She had never watched two men make love, this was a new experience, something she certainly hadn't expected. She felt herself getting wet, wet with excitement. She surprised herself, this was so unexpected yet so erotic.

She watched as they explored each other’s bodies and gradually upped the tempo. And then it happened, something she had never witnessed. Two men fucking, it was so strange but she watched intently as Mark eased his penis into the anus of his friend. She had experienced anal sex before, storage but oddly pleasant and she certainly enjoyed the sensation. This was something else again.

Her phone rang as a text arrived. Her friend Monique, she was unwell and wouldn't be able to meet her. She let out and audible sigh, she would have to stay in and watch Mark and his friend. "Damn", she thought "I will have to stay and watch then". She watched intently as Mark fucked the other man, she wondered what it would feel like to have him do that to her.

And then it happened, Mark looked up and their eyes met. She was horrified, this was worse than him seeing her naked, far worse. She couldn't hide and pretend she hadn't seen him, he was looking directly at her. He smiled and continued to fuck his friend. He was un-phased. She watched as he came, deep inside the other man.

This was surreal, she couldn't believe what she had just witnessed. She was glued the spot. She could take her eyes off them. Mark looked up and made eye contact again. He smiled, he was enjoy this. "Arrogant bastard" she thought. Yes this was a turn on but that was it, any suggestion they would fuck was now out of the question. She was aroused, very wet but horrified at the same time.

She closed the curtains, turned off the lights and fell back on her bed. It had been a surreal couple of days. A new neighbour, a new interest, a lovely dinner and now this. He had been so attentive and so gentlemanly, he had enjoyed seeing her naked, at least she thought he had, and here he was, unmistakably gay. And through all of this she was still excited, still turned on. She lay back on the bed and knew what came next. She unbuttoned her jeans, slid her hand down under her knickers and drove a finger into her moist, warm pussy.

That night she slept fitfully, waking 3 or 4 times. All was quiet in Mark's apartment. She ad risen twice to check. Eventually dawn broke and she rose to make herself a cup of tea. It was Sunday, a day of peace she hoped. time for some normality. She dozed, making up for the lost sleep.

She awoke startled by the sound of the intercom. She glanced at the clock, 9:15, still early for a Sunday, her friends knew better. She pressed the button and spoke into the intercom. "Who is it?" she said. "Its Mark" the voice said back to her. "Oh my god, no" she uttered almost loud enough for him to hear". "Can I come up, I need to explain something" he said.

"I'm a mess and so is my apartment" she said. "In that case come and see me, please" he replied. "I would just hate to think I had offended you". It was true, she was a little freaked out but at the same time she was curious. Mark seemed like a nice man and she had other gay friends, she certainly felt safe around him. "Um ok, give me a few minutes".

She quickly washed her face, brushed her hair and dressed. The was bizarre she thought to herself. "Why am I doing this? And why is it making me wet?" She had to admit it, this was turning her on. She left her apartment and crossed the road, buzzing Mark. "It's me" she said. "Hi me, come on up, I'm on level 2 like you. Of course you know that"

She knocked softly on the door and found it open. Entering she saw the apartment was in a similar style to hers, small but elegant. Bare in a male way, a traveller with few personal effects. "I'm in the kitchen, it's ok I'm alone. Coffee?" "Please" she replied. Mark was dressed in a t-shirt and jeans, bare feet. He looked good, good to her anyway.

"Sit and let's talk" he said pulling out a chair from the small dining table as he passed her a freshly pressed coffee. "I expect you're wondering about last night" he said. "Would you believe I have a twin brother?" he chuckled. "Ha, I didn't think so" he said smiling at the look on her face. "It's almost true, I have two sides to my personality, sexually at least and I'm very open about it. I didn't intend you to see Pierre and I last night but I guess that's fair given what I watched you doing"

"Oh no" she cringed. He had seen her on the bed masturbating hadn't he. "Um what did you see me doing" she stammered. "Well I saw a beautiful young woman pleasuring herself. A very erotic and very beautiful sight". "I'm so embarrassed" she said. "Don't be, I loved it" he replied. "What you don't know is that I stood in the shadows of my room and masturbated while watching you do it"

Her face flushed. She couldn't believe her ears. This man had casually asked her out to dinner having just seen her indulging in the ultimate intimacy. "Well Mark, you are very forward aren't you" She felt herself smiling at him. "there is some bad news however" "What’s that?" he answered. "I had half a mind to fuck you but now I'm not so sure!" "Ouch, that’s a shame. Pierre and I had half a mind to fuck you" She was startled, "You are an arrogant fuck aren't you Mark"

"I'd say a good fuck rather than an arrogant fuck myself" he replied. "Like to know more?" he asked, smiling at her. "I guess I'm curious and I'm sure it can't get much worse" she replied. "Last night when we were doing it I told Pierre about you. And I told him you were watching us. He loved it. Do you want to know that he said as I fucked him".

It was getting too much. She wanted to get up and leave, to run but something kept her glued to the chair. "Yes go on" she said. "Pierre said 'I bet you wish your cock was in her anus rather than mine, Close your eyes and imagine that' So I did and that's what pushed me over the edge. Afterwards we lay in bed and discussed what we would like to do with you together"

She sat there mouth agape. Was she really hearing this? Where was this heading. He continued. "We would like to play a game with you Ella, a fun yet harmless game we think you will like. Would you like to know more?" "what the hell" she thought, she had come this far. "go on"

"We would like to repeat Friday evening, except this time we want to watch you together. Would you do that for us Ella?" "You can't be serious Mark, you really think I'd do that" she laughed at him. "Tell me this Ella, are you turned on by this? Is it going to swim around in your mind for the rest of the day? Be honest with me"

"Ok you're telling the story. When in your dreams was this going to happen?" "This evening around 6, before the sun disappears completely". She squirmed, she was aware if her hard nipples and the damp patch in her knickers. She knew he had her, he was reeling her in. She knew she couldn't resist. "I think I've heard enough" she said. "It's time I left".

"Of course Ella, I hope we see you again soon". "I wouldn't hold your breath" she replied as she left the apartment. Mark knew she was smiling to herself as she left the room. Would she be able to resist? He hoped not.

She returned home and pointedly drew the curtains. She bit her lip and knew she couldn't deny herself. She slowly undressed, admiring herself in her full-length mirror. Pierre would enjoy seeing her she knew, it was a mischievous and  delicious thought. She stood in front of the mirror, caressing herself, thinking, and fingering herself. She fell to the floor and lay in front if the mirror pleasuring her, looking at the view the boys would enjoy later if she had the courage.

The rest of the day was a blur. She did what she needed to do but was distracted. Her mind kept going back to the conversation with Mark and to watching him with Pierre. She knew she couldn't say no, this was going to happen. Where would it end. She knew where she wanted it to end, the fantasy that remain unfulfilled. The double penetration fantasy. That wouldn't happen tonight, she wouldn't let it but she knew that's what she would be imagining while she masturbated for them.

The afternoon dragged, but soon enough it was 5:30. She poured a warm bath, and a wine to relax and sunk into it. She wanted to feel, warm, fresh and sexy as she had two days before. Around 5:50 she left the bath and walked naked into the main room of the apartment. As had happened on Friday she couldn't see into Marks apartment through the bright sunlight but she hoped the were already watching her.

Dried she sank to the floor, sitting with feet apart as wide as she could. She looked down at herself. She had grown to love her pussy, how pretty it was compared to some of the lippy girls she had seen. She stroked herself gently loving the sensation if her smooth pussy. She loved the way it felt in the days following a wax, silky smooth, extra sensitive.

She held her lips apart and felt the warm sun at the entrance of her vagina. "mmm delicious" she said feeling the sun and she knew, their eyes upon her. She began to finger herself, savouring the wetness and warmth of herself. She stroked her clit and bit her lip as the first wave of orgasm hit her. She fell back onto the floor and savoured it.

As her body recovered her mind drifted back to the two men and that fantasy. She licked her finger and slowly circled her anus working the finger into herself. That felt good, she loved to feel her anus full too. A penis was almost too much, this was exquisite. She began to fuck herself, slowly at first and then harder and harder, losing herself in it. One finger in her anus and two in her vagina. Harder and harder until she came in a moment of wet ecstasy.

She lay back satisfied and happy. She felt the wooden floor beneath her, wet too. That was quite a session she thought to herself. She gently stroked her nipples and her mind returned to the two men she knew were watching her. She stood and walked to the window and was greater by the sight of them both.

They stood there transfixed, naked, one in each of the two windows, both with penis in hand masturbating. She stood staring, still touching herself and watched them. Most of all she watched there faces, she knew what was going to happen. First Pierre then Mark, coming in spurts all over the windows in front of them, coming at the sight if her.

She stood for a moment and enjoyed the thought of these two men, bisexual who were so turned on at the sight of her. At that moment she knew she had the power. She smiled and closed the curtains. That was it for tonight. She had enjoyed that but now it was time to prepare fir the working week.

She slept soundly and woke to another gorgeous day. She crossed the room and opened the curtains. Their come was still on the windows. "Dirty bastards" she thought smiling to herself. She packed her things and left for work pausing to check her mail. There were a couple of bills and an envelope with her name handwritten on it.

Curious she tore open the envelope. "Dear Ella, I'm sorry we have to leave. Perhaps we will meet again, Mark xox". She smiled, she didn't care. This was one to tell the grandchildren about, or perhaps not.

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