Monday, 13 June 2011

Next story on its way

We hope you are enjoying our blog so far. We have the next story ready to post but need to take some photographs to complement it. Check back in a day or two, you wont be disappointed.

Meanwhile a couple more of our photographs to keep you occupied. As always, love to hear your comments.


  1. Loves your DA page, and now I'm here too ;)

  2. dg_olvera@hotmail.com16 June 2011 at 08:03

    thank you, seriously that when seeing the picture my penis got up and at this time it continues up and I will make up for with my wife, I sorry for her 'cause I will wake up and fuck her until it feels weak and i get tired

  3. Sexy story, well written , I love hot girl/girl stuff. Ella is a hottie, I'd like to watch her suck and fuck another girl while I stroked my hard cock!! Do you like an audience?

  4. Yes, I enjoy your work and I appreciate you contacting me. My penis also appreciates your work ... as you probably expect. I love the photo leaning against the sinks. Just enough and just enough mystery.

  5. Love your sexy feet baby.

  6. Ella dear,

    Your clean, soft, glabrous, skin is a creative contrast against that filthy, hard, flaky, concrete.

    I absolutely adore your breasts, and your nipples are magnificent!

    I am sure that concrete block left a pretty good mark on your sweet ass..... I just want you to know I think it was worth the pain & effort!


  7. Ella,

    Great photos !!
    I think I'm gonna love your blog :)



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