Sunday, 19 June 2011

A note from Ella x

Hi Guys and Girls,

I'm so glad you found your way to our blog.  We hope our blog enriches and toys with your mind, imagination, relationships and above all causes your cocks to throb and pussies to tingle with anticipation and lust.

I encourage and challenge you to share your deepest darkest secrets with us. It's these thoughts and comments that I get off on while I'm alone stroking my clit and pounding my arse or while I'm riding Marks hard cock deep into my deliciously wet cunt.

It's my desire that you tell us what you love about my body and our stories.  But most of all tell me what you want to see more of, tell me what you want to see me do for you, tell us what adventures you want to see us get up to.  Share your deepest darkest desires and secrets with us and feel free to send us some of your own pics that I can get off to and incorporate into our stories.

ps- I love knowing that your cocks throb while you look at my sweet cunt and that you read our blog with your partner before you thrust your tongue into her pussy all while you finger her arse.

Help us push our boundaries and live out a life less ordinary.

Love Ella



  1. Couldn't have put it better gorgeous


    Mark xx

  2. Hello Ella, thank you for the inspiring words. I have indeed shared you words with my wife and we have enjoyed lots of licking, sucking and fucking as a result. We would love to see more of your 'deliciously wet cunt'. Perhaps some shots of you riding Mark's cock. My wife would love that

    Paul and Dianne x

    PS very very nice picture

  3. Ella’s slender anatomy is very graceful and elegant indeed. She has the body of a queen of Sabah, she must be the most expensive item at the slaves auction where powerful men are battling it for the chance of owning such a delicate treasure, driven by the mere ideas of these long legs wrapped around their back, of the pressure of these full and youthful lips against theirs.
    But it is the absolutely gorgeous and delightful curves of her mont that are inspiring me lustful poetry. These photos of your sex Ella, are indeed works of art but you are without a doubt a prized jewel.

    I could spend hours lightly drawing its lines from the tip of my fingers. I imagine painting it alive from the tip of my tongue, exploring and making shine the shades of your skin, gently parting the valley, irrigating its inner folds to reveal what I think to be an indecent flower of finely crafted petals… odor di femina invading my nostril.

    Why is she keeping herself smooth and bare as a pebble? This is a very charming coquetry, but I cannot help but to think that she does it for some more dissolute reasons, for the impish pleasure of letting herself being completely seen, without any barrier, completely offered to the intense gaze of an appreciative audience and also, I am sure, because she simply loves the increased sensation during cunnilingus. Am I wrong?

    Ella please show us your wide open vulva…you know you want...

    Perhaps you should ask Olivier, the restaurateur and artist where you had dinner in Dijon to make a finely detailed drawing of it... Spread those legs as wide as you can for him...
    An idea for your next story...

    Must remain anonymous….

  4. Ella, I have a huge foot fetish and would love to see your feet stroking a cock.

  5. June 2011 at 20:51

    you know, normally I don't go for slim women, I prefer curves. However, Ella's body is the definition of gorgeous!
    Similarly, I would normally prefer to see a little ladylike hair downstairs, neatly trimmed (of course), but your smooth naked pussy definitely suits you and makes me want to explore it.

    Your breasts and nipples are perfection. I wish I could stroke, kiss and suck them...

  6. Ella,
    you have the most beautiful pussy I have seen in a long time, I love how perfectly hairless it is. I would love to see mark's tongue exploring your pussy and arsehole, licking and fingering you to ecstasy. Similarly, photos of you with Mark's hard cock in your mouth, you fondling his balls and massaging his arsehole.

  7. hi, Ella.
    My wife wants to see other your photo and of Mark's cock.
    Could you send me them at
    P.S. I cum on these nice stories!!!

  8. Such a smooth and sexy body Ella...just absolutely delicious. Any man could spend hours exploring you! Thanks for sharing.

  9. scrappyw.wood@gmail.com21 June 2011 at 17:29

    Ella, you are a true beauty. Would love to see your wonderful pussy filled with cock!

  10. Superb stories with beautiful photos of a sexy and erotic lady. Ella your pert breasts are just perfect and pussy is sooooo perfect it doesn't look real.You have the ability to make a persons heart fludder when viewing your photos. I will now be following your blog. Thank You for sharing.

  11. Ella, your are a sexy hot woman that can make any cock hard !! What would be sweet would be to see you with another woman.

  12. fantastic body Ella, thank you for inviting me to your blog. I am a pussy guy but I love every part of a woman's body. I look forward to many hours of looking at your beautiful pussy.

  13. Ella I love pussy and ass ..great formed asses ,let me tell you have both that toned ass body as well too.keep it coming love looking at you love that u invited me in the blog ..thanks..a bent over ass shot would be great too ,the way the pussy peaks threw ever so it.

  14. Good story, very arousing and Ella's pics are incredibly sexy!

  15. Hello ella I think you are very sexy. I would love to see you modeling and stripping out of sexy lingerie I get hard seing you in stockings thank u for the sexy pix I hope to see more of you

  16. Ella,

    You are a sexy and beautifully erotic woman. Your pictures leave me with desire but my personal preferance is more on the edge such as role playing with light bondage, spanking and D/s. I would love to see you in a pictorial set where you were in a more submissive roll.

  17. Ella and Mark,

    Your blog is soooooooo good !!
    Great stories and even greater pictures !!

    As a single man, I "confess" that your gorgeous body really turns me on !! You don't know how much my cock throbs when reading your stories and watching those delightfull pictures !!!

    Ella, you are smart and very very beautifull and have a gorgeous body !!


  18. I am so excited to press his boobs nipple and I like to his smooth pussy.

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  19. This is amazing pics. I saw his nipple and tight pussy. I want to press her nipple.

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