Sunday, 28 August 2011

Part IV - The final video!

Hi Everyone, I hope your having a lovely weekend. I've just arrived home after a couple of days in the countryside with a girl friend. After a long drive home I'm feeling tired and a little uptight. I just logged onto our blog too see that Mark has been viewing the final video in this series. At last I'm alone, I've poured myself a glass of wine and have cuddled up on my bed to view the video myself. I love this final video, I look at my body and pussy and think 'Oh wow, that's so fucking hot and sexy, I can't believe it's me'. I really love viewing this video because it allows me to see myself in a way that I have never really seen myself. I love it because it makes me feel like such a sensul, beautiful, erotic young woman. I hope you enjoy this video, please share your thoughts and comments as I really do LOVE reading them. Thank you for joining me on my sexual journey, it's only just begun. I'm only 3 months into my 'dirty thirties' :-)

This is the last video in this series. Our next series will be very different and I know you will love it. I will tell you more after our next photo shoot.

Love Ella

ps- Marks message follows x

And onto the final part of this series. Yes, that is what you think it is oozing out of Ella's pussy thanks to Mark. If we get enough requests we might just make a video of what happened between Part III and Part IV but for now you can enjoy this. What you don't see in the video is what Mark was doing while he watched Ella. Ask nicely and Ella might just tell too.

Enjoy and as always visit the site ( to view the video if you are reading this via an email update.

Ella and Mark


  1. My dear

    I'm completely positive shock, when I visit your side today. Your movie is breathtaking! A specially end of it, when Ella show all!! I love looking inside your body Ella - you are gorgeous;)
    And that helpful Mark's fingers... It was really exciting - I imagine that was my fingers of course;)
    Oozing out of Ella's pussy was very very exciting too! And I'm of course interested in what Mark was doing while he watched you Ella? But I can imagine;);)
    May I please link for HQ?


  2. Definitely some of the most spectacular pussy lips I've ever laid my eyes upon! Wish I could probe your opening with my tongue and lick up your juices from between your lips. Alas, all I can do is sit back, stroke my cock to the image of your wet pussy and perfect tits, and taste my own orgasmic juices in place of yours.

  3. Dennis the Menace28 August 2011 at 19:23

    I was fascinated! Loved watching your pleasure.
    I was a little disappointed! Your pussy is obviously bigger that two fingers. I thought there would be MORE!
    Dennis the Menace.

  4. Great again..Wish i were there. Really so fucking hard. Thank you Ella. Mark...:)

  5. Ella, ur pussy looking better than ever, nice 2 c spread. helping hand good touch. Would lov 2 lick u out & suck ur hard nipples.
    xxx on ur pussy DG.

  6. Great video again guys, I must admit I would love to see the video of mark thrusting his hard cock into that pussy and unloading his cum right up you Ella. You have a perfect little pussy, can't wait to see so much more of you and your tight little body. You guys should plan a trip to Brissy together so I can sit and watch you make love in person!

  7. Hello, Best video yet... Really enjoyed this one, instant erection. Thank you!

  8. Ella you are absolutely stunning! You have this uncontrollable sexuality about you that drives people insane. Anyone can get naked in front of a camera and make a movie. You however can make something of beauty by exposing your sexuality. I am truly speechless and feel honored to be able to view such amazing work!

  9. That was fantastic...Ella, you capture the true beauty of the female form. I too, would love to see what happened between part III and part IV, I'm sure everyone would! Bravo.

  10. very hot sexy fuck hole Ella. oh would it be nice to stick my hard cock inside you and fuck

  11. September 2011 at 10:17

    Beautifull.. but you know we all want to see how you got in such a state.. Cum on guys, you can't show us the start and the finish without the best bit in the middle.. x

  12. Breathtakingly erotic. My favorite video so far.
    Ella, you are such sensual, beautiful erotic woman. This video has been the inspiration for a whole series of fantasies - Thank you

  13. Hi Ella and Mark, OMG, that was amazing. I was trance, I could not look away. I could almost feel my cock sliding in and out of you beautiful pussy, Ella. Thanks for starting my day with such a way.

  14. I love your pussy. I keep thinking about how sweet it would be to palpitate your g spot until you blow your juices on my fingers and then licking them clean. Yummmmmm.

  15. Hi Ella and Mark! What a wonderful movie showing the fantastic hot pussy of lovely Ella fingering herself! Ella's pussy made me horny as usual and I wanted to be inside and became jaleous for Mark. Thanks you...


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