Monday, 15 August 2011

Welcome Ella's friend Danielle

Well the weekend is over but I have some exciting news for you all.  On Saturday afternoon I meet Danielle in a local bar for a glass of wine.  For those of you who are familiar with our stories you will know exactly who I am talking about.  For those of you who are not familiar with my good  friend Danielle I suggest you take a look at some of our older stories.
Danielle and I sat by the fire and discussed our future creative relationship together.  Danielle loves our blog and would love to be part of our special corner of the internet.  She loves what the blog represents, how it’s our expression of personal and sexual discovery.  She too agrees that life is a journey and we only truly live if we allow ourselves to lead a brave uninhibited life and to create a life story to remember.
Danielle and I are currently sharing ideas for a new story which we will soon share with you all.  We have arranged to spend an afternoon together in three week’s time.  Danielle, Mark and I will meet one another in a classy hotel room where he will capture us acting out our story for you all.
This is where we ask for your help…… We want you to help us write our new story.  We want you to share your ideas for a new Ella and Danielle story. What adventures do we  get up to?, what lingerie do we wear?, what do we chat about over a glass of wine?, what does Danielle’s Bi husband and my lover Mark think about my friendship with Danielle.   
I can’t wait to see your ideas.
Ella x


  1. very nice. You two can discuss over wine what the two of you would do to each other when your having girl-girl sex and what the guys would think or do as they watched. Thong underwear with garter belt with a beekaboo bra so your perky nipples stick through. Cant wait to see Danielle

  2. I think you two should talk about both of you and Danielle's husband having a threesome where you girls take turns fucking his asshole with a strapon while he licks the other girls ass then rotating so he fucks your ass while you eat Danielle's pussy then make Danielle eat his cum out of your ass! yummy!

  3. Discuss how you want to please each other while your gentlemen have to watch from a distance. I am always turned on by the thought of my wife with another women. As much as I would love to join in, I find very erotic the thought of watching the magic happen. As far as what to wear, I myself am a fan of black stockings and see through silk panties! What are your favorites?

  4. I like fishnets and heels in black but to be honest i would watch you in a old dirty flannel night gown you are a true beauty.Thanks Michael @

  5. Mmmm the excitement is certainly going to mount with you and Danielle having hot play Ella. I think the slow undressing would be a good start - say both of you fully dressed. You can then surprise us in what underwear you have on say under a smart business suit (one can have different coloured lingerie than the other). In fact to add to the tension you coulld start the vid showing you two sat at a table in a cafe etc talking then later entering the hotel room and looking at each other, starting just a touch and then a kiss and getting hotter on the bed. The foreplay IS so important I think with girl-girl. The undressing - the touching, caressing, fondling,licking, sucking, exploring each others smooth body. Watching fingers entering swollen pussies ( I;m stiff just thinking about you two together ) The action can certainly be played out on more than one vid. Looking forward to your hot time together.

  6. .............. Oh I forgot to add ..... the kissing - don't forfet the kissing ( plenty of tongue mmmmmmmm

  7. Ella and Danielle start to chat about their fantasy (girl/girl). I think you should wear white or black silk bra and panties with your favorite dress. One of you take her clothes off and touch smooth silk body from neck to leg than making a hot french kiss. Let Danielle's bi-husband and Mark see and make them feel warm and hard on while watching you. I am looking forward to see Ella and Danielle together. Rob (

  8. The thought of Ella and Dannielle getting it on is mind blowing. Watching them converse over a glass of wine about what they enjoy about sex and what they are looking forward to doing to each other while their husband's watch on. Nothing highlights Ella's perfect ass like a thong, I am sure she would look amaxing in white.
    Would love to see mark fucking Danielle from behind while she was licking Danielle's pussy. Danielle can then be sucking her husband's cock while he is watching his wife getting her pussy licked by a woman. Would Ella and Mark like this?


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