Tuesday, 20 September 2011

While I was waiting

It had been far too long, Danielle and I hadn't been together for some time and I was so looking forward to seeing her again, feeling her soft skin against mine, her lips on mine and over my body and once again exploring her body. I had prepared for this, freshly waxed legs and pussy, dressed in my favorite lingerie, a good nights sleep. And now the day was here.

I arrived early at the hotel, leaving work at least 2 hours early. The suite was pleasant, it was a beautiful day outside. I had promised myself I would behave and wait patiently for Danielle, I knew however that I couldn't resist. "Just relax and listen to some music" I said to myself as I looked out at the beautiful sunny, autumn afternoon. I removed my jeans and slowly undid my blouse

The sun was warm on my legs as I slowly peeled off my blouse loving the soft fabric as it caressed my skin. I love undressing slowly like this. And yes I love being naked

Id worn my favorite lingerie, a black set with lots of lace and a thong with a mesh front. Mark loves the way my pussy looks through the mesh and I know Danielle will love it too. I let my blouse fall to the ground. The warm sun shining through the curtains felt so good on my skin. For a moment I considered pulling back the curtains and letting the workers in the office across from the hotel see me, but decided against it. That could wait.

I left the warmth of the sun and settled into the chair in front of the window. I looked out the window across at the buildings surrounding the hotel and listened to the sounds of the city. A Wednesday afternoon full of hustle and bustle strangely comforting as I sat back and contemplated what was to come. This was so much better than sitting back at my desk at work.

I so wanted to touch myself, explore my body, enjoy what Danielle would enjoy later. I sat there practically naked, as Mark liked me and just as Danielle liked me too. I spread my legs a little and enjoyed the warm air wafting over them from the open window.

There was no point resisting, my hands went to my breast and down towards my pussy as my mind went to Danielle. And in particular between Danielle's thighs to her beautiful moist pussy. It had been far too long.

I love the feel of my fingers across the mesh of these panties and I adore the mesh against my smooth mound. These are made for a freshly waxed pussy and you have to admit they look great on don't you. But now they had to come off, I need to explore myself and enjoy some private please. I stood and unhooked my bra, letting it fall to the ground.

I gently caressed my breasts, I love the firmness of them and my nipples. The were hard already and very sensitive to my touch. I stood there in my panties knowing they had to come off too.

I sat back in the chair naked. Mmmm I could feel my self getting moist. This self denial was just accentuating the sensations. 

I slowly spread my thighs and sat there exposed. I smiled as I thought of what the office workers would think of me sitting there naked, exposing myself to them. If only they could see what was going on behind those net curtains.

I looked down my body, past my breasts, over my stomach and down over my ever so smooth pussy. I knew my lips were starting to grow, as Mark put it the petals of my flower were opening, welcoming his tongue and then his cock. But for this night it would be Danielle who had the pleasure of my cunt, not Mark. I loved knowing he knew but this evening I loved the thought of Danielle's tongue inside me.

And then my phone buzzed, it was a message form Danielle. "Darling Im leaving work now, I will see you in 20 minutes". There I sat naked, wet, wanting to pleasure myself. Too late for that time to dress and greet Danielle. One little stroke of my clit and off to shower and prepare.

A great start to the evening but much more delight to come. 

Stay posted and join Danielle and I for more


Ella xox


  1. I love the look of see through panties showing off a beautiful shaved pussy! Personally, I think that is almost as sexy as fully nude, almost :)

  2. What a lucious pussy! Danielle is very lucky.
    Yummmmm, I can taste the juices now.

  3. Outstanding striptease pics..love the shots of the final removal of her lingere..very sexy, tremendously erotic and excellent pics..adzisz@yahoo.com

  4. This is a wonderful set and we get to see Ella's beautiful face. Thanks!

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