Wednesday, 7 September 2011

An update

Well Monday went very well and we have a bunch of new content to share over the next week or two including some new photographs of Ella, a particularly interesting video and yes some shots with Danielle as well. 

Stay posted, we know you are going to love it. Here is Ella checking herself out in the mirror while she was waiting for Danielle. You think she looks good? Tell her exactly what you think!

Also we are trying to get the video's onto rapidshare. A couple of abortive attempts so far but hope to get it sorted this weekend.

Mark and Ella


  1. Ella is very beautiful, Mark, you are a lucky man. It would be amazing to make love to every inch of her body. To kiss, lick and nibble her body for even an hour would be a dream come true.

  2. Great body. Wireless are more gentle from what I hear. I'd love to see your face in a picture like this and assume to know what you're thinking.

  3. Ella, i so want 2 suck, fuck & muck u babe.
    lov ur nipples.
    xxx on ur pussy. DG.


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