Friday, 9 September 2011

Whats it all about guys?

Hey everyone, thought it might be time for a little background and an update. We hope that some of you will read this and gain a little context. Many of you wont and that's fine but for those who want to understand more, here is our story or at least a brief version of it.

Ella and I started the journey on this blog less than 3 months ago, but our relationship goes back a long, long way. We first met in 2004 when I was looking for women to model for artistic nude photographs, something that I was keen to turn my hand to to exercise the creative part of my brain. I advertised for a model, Ella replied and that was the start of whats been a long relationship.

I photographed Ella that first time (hmmm, Ella's call as to showing you those pics, we have both come a long way) and we kept in touch. Despite an age gap (over 15 years) we clicked and a relationship began that was to last many years. We were lovers, we lived together and we seriously considered marriage. But it wasn't all plain sailing, Ella was finding her way in the world, I was older and going through the inevitable mid life issues and our relationship suffered. Along the way we traveled and saw the world together while creating some art we are both extremely proud of. We will share some of that with you from time to time but please understand that its quite different than what we are creating for this blog.

Our relationship broke down, there were points at which we weren't completely honest with each other. We both now understand why and are accepting of the reasons, we had (and still have) a very close bond but wanted different things and grew in different ways. So almost 2 years ago after a wonderful month in our favorite country we parted, returning home to begin new relationships, both shell shocked at why a relationship and a bond that was so strong disintegrated. We spent a difficult 18 months, remaining in touch but essentially trying to move on and remove each other from our respective lives.

Some 3 months ago Ella made the decision to leave the country of her birth and venture off on her own essentially cutting ties with her past to pursue her own dreams and interests. We met and talked openly for the first time in well over a year and talked about the bond we have, how it still lived on despite us both being in a good place individually, moving on with our lives in a positive fashion. Ella leaving was a difficult issue for both of us. We discussed it at length and began to reconnect and understand each other at a deeper level.

A strong part of our bond was always our sexuality, in many ways we were now ready to experiment and push our boundaries into some of the areas we had previously only talked about. The pressure of having to maintain a relationship with each other, the baggage that comes with that commitment and the expectation of family and friends had lifted and this has enabled us to explore another side of ourselves together. From this has arisen a sexual journey we are now enjoying.

Much of what we write about is fantasy, but more and more we are filling in the gaps with real life experience. This experience is something we undertake privately, our families and friends know nothing of it but we wanted an outlet to share it with others, our blog is just that. Those of you who follow and engage with us are privy to a very private and intimate journey. Sharing the journey is however all part of the appeal for us so thank you for your support, knowing thousands of people around the world are sharing our journey makes it so much more intense and yes exciting. So whether you are here for titillation or to engage with us, thank you, you make the experience all the richer for us in doing so.

We intend carrying the blog on and sharing our journey. We will become braver and more outrageous as time goes on, we are now doing things that we were far too reserved to even discuss with each other when we were together, we are sharing with you intimate fantasies and our joy in living a life a little less ordinary. We encourage you to engage, tell us what you think and even suggest some adventure we may not come up with. This is a forum in which we will share a special part of ourselves with you. We live in interesting times and have unprecedented levels of freedom, we have decided to cast aside the barriers we have had in place and live this life we share.

So that's the context of Ella and Mark here in this blog. We are privileged to have the bond we do and are enjoying the adventure we have chosen to share.

We have some news. In 2 days Ella will leave her birth country to begin her adventure. We will be half a world away from each other in opposite time zones doing what we both want to with our lives. At this stage the plan is for Ella to return in 3 months but to where we don't know, likely another country and a new life, possibly back to the same city again. We don't know the answers and will let life take its course knowing that our bond will remain and the adventure will go on.

So recent days have been spent creating content for the blog, ensuring we have enough to share while Ella finds her feet in a new country, continues to learn the new language she has grown to love and I apply myself to my professional life and the passion I have for it. We will continue to post, we will both provide content, you will see some things that will excite and delight you. And when Ella is settled we will explore the sexual side of our relationship from a distance. We look forward to sharing that with you.

Ella and Mark


  1. I would like to see something outdoors or even in a semi public area.Ella has such a hot body i would love to see other recactions to men seeing her dressed in one her outfits!

  2. Ella and Mark I enjoy resding your post and the videos are a bonus please kept it going I will miss the emails if you do stop.

  3. really enjoyed reading that, thank you so much for letting us into your lives and sharing all of this with us.

    I wish you all the best in your relationship, and hope that one day Ella moves to Sydney to be with you. Would love to see her naked at the beach one day on the gold coast and photograph her myself ;)

  4. stevrigg1@gmail.com13 October 2011 at 15:45

    WOW. finally took some time to peruse this blog spot, read, get familiar with the site and i am here. thank you both for making me feel special allowing me in so deep into your lives. i will do my best to be deserving of your gift.


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