Friday, 11 November 2011

Ok everyone we are now members only

Welcome aboard everyone and thanks for coming along for the ride. Now that we have a members only blog we can change things around a little and start rolling out a few new ideas and features. To kick things off Ella and I have arranged a little competition that we think you will like. Details on that will follow shortly, we are just editing up the pictures that go with it, expect those shortly.

Just to give you a little taste of what we have in mind here is a few of the things we have been discussing

  • Opening things up to other contributors. You've seen that Danielle and Grace have joined us and we would like more of you to do likewise. If you would like to join in email us ( or and tell us what you would like to be contribute. If we like the idea we will add you to the contributors list and you will be free to contribute too.
  • A name change. We want this blog to be about all of us, not just Ella and I. So we will be encouraging you to share your sexual experiences too. Feel free to send through your suggestions for a new name and we will share a few of ours too.
  • Sharing more of our photography. As we are now a closed community we can start to share some more photography. Mark has photographed well over 100 women in the last few years, now we would like to share some of that with you. Any of you who are photographers can also contribute.
  • Pushing a few boundaries aside. You will see as we go but we have some fun ideas we would like to share with you and we would love you to join in and come play with us.
Anyway, welcome to the next stage of this journey. We are very much looking forward to it and hope you will enjoy the ride too. Most of all, join in and participate, you wont regret it. The closed community means we can be far more outrageous

More soon
Ella and Mark


  1. That's great. I would like all your pictures...

  2. Love your long fingers that would feel so ecstatic wrapped around my throbbing cock stroking it and those long sensual legs wrapped around my head and my face buried deep in that succulent slit probing with my tongue and tasting every square inch of the walls of your pussy that my tongue could reach while my hands squeezed and massaged the wondrous cheeks of your beautiful bum. Sure hope that in a future video you will show off that awesome bum in a full rearview of it. You have come tantalizingly close in earlier videos, with you undressing so seductively,to turning around far enough to afford a full look at your bum but have not quite shown a full view of it. A slow complete 360 degree spin would sure be heavenly to witness. ~ ~ brady, -


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