Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Moving to members only

Well the poll was relatively comprehensive and it seems a fair number of people are happy to go down the members only route so we will move to that over the next few days. Points to note
  • Everyone who has registered to follow by email will get an invite and can join
  • Everyone who follow us will automatically become members (or at least I think so, thats what the blogspot help says)
  • Anyone who wants to become a member can simply email Mark at for an invite
  • If you have any friends you want to invite email us and we will invite them
I expect we may flick back to public mode from time to time but if you want to stay in the loop please accept your invite when it arrives or email us for one. And just to make it worthwhile we have a treat planned. As we go to a private blog we are happier to engage more closely with you which means we can step it up a notch. 
So to celebrate going to a private blog we are planning a competition. And the prize? One of Ella's new gstrings! So if you think you would like a very personal gift from Ella join up. And rest assured there will be more to come.

Ella and Mark


  1. looking forward to seeing more hot vids of you two girls together. (look4me30)

  2. I sure hope I will be included in the transfer to members only. I would really hate missing even one image of these two women together!

  3. Those two are fucking hot and have such great tits!! Can't wait to see them having sex with each other.

  4. Thank you for the information!

  5. Hi Ella and Mark,
    Great to be a part of the family, thanks for the invitation.
    I'm very curious what the future has in mind.
    Maybe you can add some light bondagegames to it?
    Lots of luck.


  6. a very sensual shot! I'm glad to have made the membership list!! ~ Gord

  7. no doubt these two make magic when they are together...looking forward to seeing the results.

  8. I do enjoy and get turned on by hard nipples and shapely breasts like BOTH of these beautiful women have. You ladies are so fortunate and I hope you will continue to look after those bodies with good foods instead of the wheat dairy fast foods. I think I will enjoy this site as I see teasing sort of imagery. I certainly like a climax into harder porn type images but hey, keep teasing us 1st. I can almost taste those delectable firm proud nipples. TOTAL YUM !!! BOTH of you!

  9. Dear Mark&Ella,I appreciate very much your work and I adore and desire Ella very very much!

  10. Thank you for information. Both of beautiful ladies are sexy and lovely.


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