Monday, 28 November 2011

Ella all to myself..

Looks like the deadline for our competition was a little tight for many of you so this time round I get Ella all to myself after a break of a couple of months. That's far from a tragedy so we are looking forward to an evening together on Thursday. Maybe, just maybe we will share some of the details and even post a picture or two but primarily its an evening for us to reconnect and spend some quality time together.

Re the competition if you are interested in a Skype session with Ella send us a compelling email and we will consider it. It's over to you, make us an offer we cant refuse and you too can have some intimate time with Ella. You can get us at

Ella and Mark


  1. Wow Ella your body is so sexy and smooth you should never think of getting a boob job. Your tittys are just perfect id love to shoot my load all over them. Wow.........Sean

  2. Hello Ella, how are you? your body looks so sexy milky soft skin. Your boobs are perfect, with perfect nipples. You give me a erection every time I visit this website. Proud to be a member.


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