Friday, 11 November 2011

Competition: What's your favorite colour?

So we move onto our first competition. Mark recently sent Ella a gift which arrived via the vagaries of the European postal service. The gift was 3 pairs of gstrings in different colours. There are two parts to the competition. The first is the poll on the right hand side of the blog, vote for your favourite colour of knickers as modeled by Ella below. The winner of the competition will get the gstring concerned directly from Ella together with a personal note.

What do you need to do to win? Well, you need to comment on this post telling us why you deserve a pair of Ella's knickers and what you would like Ella to do with them before she send them to you. Use your imagination and don't be shy. We look forward to hearing from you and soon, we will run the competition for a week.

Either post using your member id (don't worry, we are a private group now) or if you prefer to be anonymous just drop us an email to take credit for your post ( or

And now, here is Ella modelling the 3 colours, Red, White and Black. Dont forget to vote!

Ella and Mark


  1. Well I must say Ella, I like them all. But I like what's in them even more. Why do I deserve a the white ones in the mail? Well I've been one of your viewers for months now and I love your blog and the variety of content. I especially enjoyed hearing what you and mark got up to with your pink satin panties in that earlier post. If I win I'd happily return them back to you in the same state. And yes White is my favorite, I love the way they barely cover your lips and the glimpse of them I can make out. I have a picture in my head that I might share with you sometime too.

    Your fan David

  2. actually I prefer her with "NOTHING" on !!

  3. As to the matter of my favorite color gstring that Ella is modeling I much prefer the white ones as white connotes to me "purity" and Ella is such a pure depiction of perfection in every aspect of the word. She is such a sensual and sex oozing woman and she is so hot that surely she could melt the coldest of hearts and cause them to become a very warm admirer of her and her remarkably stunning charms. The white gstring allows just enough of her lust producing labial lips to be seen and yet makes one yearn to see them in the flesh and certainly causes ones salivary glands to become overactive so as to bring on profuse drooling wondering just how ecstatic and pleasurable it would be to lick and suck on them and have Ella's love juices begin to flow into my mouth. If I were fortunate enough to win Ella's white gstring knickers and have them sent to me I would certainly have to request that Ella saturate them with her nectar from her pussy when it is dripping wet from stimulation and maybe even to insert that tiny white gstring in her pussy to absorb as much of her juices as possible so that they might still be moist when I received them and I could taste her while having her boquet fill my nose and remain there forever.So here is hoping that I might be considered to receive that prize of prizes offered by this competition. I have been an avid fan since your initial posting on the VW Playground site and your consequent invite to view your blogsite sent to my email addy.

  4. Well, If I was chosen as the winner of my choice of G-string panties, I would have to go for the black ones, of course! My reason, is that I would want to be able to see the creamy white pussy juice marks that are left all over them from your sweet snatch, Ella, as you wears them for me one last time before sending them off in the mail to me.
    I would want you to wear them again, Ella and play with Mark as he turns you on, fingering you or you fingering yourself as you get turned on by him and your juices drip out of your pussy onto the black material of the G string as it sops up all of the gooey goodness. Then, I would hope that you two would advance to the next level of sexual progress, and Mark could fuck you as you wear the black g string all the while, and just pull them to one side as he fucks you, allowing the cloth to soak up more of your delicious juices as they secrete from your fuckhole. I would truly like them to be as wet, soaked and stained with your cream, as they can possibly be, so I can smell how scented your aroma is, as I stroke myself to the delicious scent of your beautiful pussy.
    If you would be so kind as to actually shove them up into your cum drenched snatch as you get yourself off before sending them to me, I would very much appreciate the gesture to ensure that they arrive to me all wet, stained and stinky for my stroking pleasure.
    I have been a captive fan of you since I first viewed you on VW, Ella, and STILL find myself extremely turned on by you, your endeavors, and your naughty exploits, and hope to be a fan for a long time to come. Thanks for everything, especially inviting me to your blog membership!

  5. might be too late but damn you are so fucking hot baby. I love the black ones they really turn me on, would love to get a little tease with you sliding them to the side so we can see that tight little pussy and how wet it is knowing you have all of us in suspense. Then to see you start to work your clit and getting even hotter and wetter soaking those panties, starting to work your fingers into your tight little hole. Just thinking about that I have pre-cum all over my cock now. I can almost see how wet your pussy has gotten and how wet with your juices those panties are, I can almost smell you scent feeling the room making my mouth water at the thought of driving my tongue into your cunt. I would love to have a pair of your wet soak panties so that I can smell them and taste them while I jerk my dick, and eventually when the scent is all gone I can use them to jerk off into them and send you pictures of my load on your panties. Damn you are so fucking hot.

  6. For me it would have to be the black pair.Id love to bend you over your kitchen table and take them down and lick your tight pussy and ass from behind. Wow your sexy............Sean


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