Sunday, 20 November 2011

Competition: We have a winner

Hi Everyone,

the competition has now closed and we have a winner. We've contacted him and his prize will be on its way shortly. He chose the white G-String so that's what he wins. And from what he has said we know we have a very happy winner.

The good news is that Ella will be home soon and we will make sure we get some pics of her in the red and black ones. We're also putting some thought into the next competition too. I think we can get Ella in the mood for something special, in fact I have an idea to run by Ella that I think you will all like.

Mark (and Ella)


  1. Yes, I loved the winners comments. My thongs are well deserved! To reward our friend for his lovely comments I'm going to wear the white thong tomorrow. I want to ensure that the arrive in the winners mailbox in the most delightful state. Ella x

  2. Ella, I am so elated that you liked my comments well enough to be declared the winner of your White thong nickers and hearing that you shall be wearing them just prior to sending them to me so that your boquet from that exquisite slit of yours is well saturated into them is truly a dream come true. I sure do have a special little "winners" get together planned for when they arrive with 9 of my closest friends, male and female, so that I can show them what is in the package along with showing them the proof of what I'm telling them about where they came from by introducing them to your and Mark's Blog so they can see for themselves and read my comments, and your comment's. I know that they all shall be asking for an invitation to join your Blog when they get a glimpse of this above photo of you and will probably commandeer my computer to look at all that is there for them to see and read.

    After being informed that I had won, I suddenly felt that if I were going to enjoy the prize any more then I would need a twin to help me enjoy it, as I am pleased to the max. I shall await the moment that your pakage arrives with great anticipation and thank you and Mark many times over for everything. One euphoric and loyal fan............Brady


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