Monday, 10 October 2011

Something in our mail

One of the great things about running our blog is the feedback we get. Sometimes we get a little something special in the email like we have today.

"Hi Ella, 

I'm loving your blog and particularly your photographs. We share a love of photography and thought you might enjoy this shot we took recently. Hope you like. 

Shame we are in Boston, not France, we could have some fun together

Grace xox"

Well, thank you Grace for the email and for letting us share your pic. Anyone else who has a photograph or two you would like to share (a photo of your own of course), feel free to email us



  1. o my goood! such a perfect flower! I would love to kiss deeply this gorgeous lips...

  2. Lovely oriental oyster like my ex china girl, delicious

  3. very hot pussy! The small pussy hair (landing strip) is something Ella might want to try. Tell the girl to post more to go with Ella

  4. So many dirty dirty ideas... mmmmm

  5. Grace,
    You are so very lovely. I am in Boston and if you would like to share more please do,


  6. Grace, you are incredibly beautiful..I live less than an hour from Boston..would love to get to know you better :)

  7. What can any man say other than " Bloody 'ell! Make this woman president or the Queen or Miss World or anything ! Just get her photos in our faces FAR more often.
    Just YUMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM ! Blimme, is that dribble on my chin or her juices? :-0


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