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Untold Stories, The Hotel

Time to share some of the stories we never told. Sorry I cant illustrate this with Ella and Anna. 



It had been a busy few months for Ella. Back to Australia and family, finding a job and getting back into a routine again. Life enriched by recent experiences but now back to some normal, a new normal but consistent and stable, something she had looked forward to. 

Work was straight forward enough, had its up and downs but was well within her capabilities and she felt she was now starting to make a difference. She was getting regular exercise and eating well but there was something missing. Quite simply she was sexually frustrated, "I so need a decent fuck or at least a chance to give myself some attention". Staying will family was convenient and comfortable, the kind of stability she needed, for a while at least but privacy wasn't really possible.

He had promised this before and for one reason or another it hadn't happened. Now it was less than four hours away, an evening to herself in a nice hotel. A nice big bed, fresh sheets, air conditioning, room service and a bath, something she had been craving.  The day dragged but finally it was time to leave. She made her way to the car park, her bag was packed and sitting in the car boot. She didn't need much but she made sure she had everything she needed.

She smiled as she drove out of the car park and onto the freeway. "I so need this" she thought to herself, feeling a tingle between her thighs, the slight tingle of her anxious pussy, a feeling she hadn't experienced much of late, having had to settle for a quiet and oh to short play late a night when the rest of the house was asleep. Something that was harder and harder to manage as the reality of long days at work and the associated sleep patterns took hold.

She looked forward towards the city glowing in the sunlight, a bright Friday evening sun, warm but not blistering, as it had been earlier in the day. The car was cool, air conditioning easily holding off the heat. Leaving the freeway at the last city exit she made her way through the traffic, pulling into the hotel. She stepped out of her car, feeling the warm air on her legs as she retrieved her bag from the boot and handed her keys to the concierge. 

She checked in and quickly found her way to the lifts. The lift was empty and as it was about to close a young couple joined her. They were mid to late 20's quite attractive and obviously coming from work too. She returned their smiles and laughed as the man blurted out "I hope our weekend will be as dirty as ours". Clearly they had been drinking and she replied "probably a lot dirtier than yours if you drink any more!". The woman laughed, and said to him jokingly, "that's right, all you will be good for is sleep at this rate". "Have fun" Ella said to them both as the lift opened at her floor.  "Room 1122 if you get bored" the man whispered after her as she left and walked towards her own room, room 925.

She opened the door and went in, nice enough but like so many hotels she had stayed in. At least the bed looked inviting, the room was cool and there was a nice big bath.  She dropped her bag on the floor and threw herself on the bed.  "Ahhh room to spread out" she said to herself enjoying the luxury of a big bed for the first time in months. She unzipped her skirt and wriggled out of it, throwing it aside and letting it drop to the floor. Unbuttoning her blouse she lay back on the bed in her black lace bra and thong.

The sun was warm on her skin and balanced the cool air conditioning perfectly. She was tempted to simply drift off to sleep but knew she would sleep for hours and wake up early the next day. It was time for a warm bath, if nothing else the water would wake her as it cooled if she did drift off. 

Rising from the bed she walked into the bathroom, standard hotel issue but a nice big bath. She clicked the bath plug down and turned the tap to warm, not too warm. She rummaged through the hotel basket of toiletries and soaps and found a small bottle of bath salts, opening the top to smell it and deciding it wasn't too vile. She poured the bottle in and watched the water froth and bubbles form. She looked at herself in the mirror, a little tired perhaps but still looking great at 30, the skin care regime had served her well.

Leaving the bath to fill she found the room service menu on the bench and looked down the list of cocktails, the usual collection of classics, a little unadventurous she thought to herself. She settled on her staple, a dry martini and called room service to order. "That should be up to you within 10 minutes madam" the young man on the phone replied. 

She checked the level of the bath and turned the tap off, she would fill it further when her drink arrived. Settling into an armchair and enjoyed the sun streaming down onto her warm skin, her mind wandered, to past places, the hotels they had stayed in together. "A shame he isn't here, I could do with some cock right now and his cock would be just perfect" she thought to herself.

She was woken by a knock at the door, "Room Service" the young male voice said. She walked to the door and opened it, a pleasant young man greeted her with a smile. She then realized she was standing there in her unbuttoned blouse and lingerie, one danger of being too relaxed. She smiled to herself, the young man had clearly seen far more in his role at the hotel and if his investigative powers were useful he could see far more of her from an Internet browser. She was comfortable in her own skin.

"Will there be anything else Madam" he asked, smiling back at her, cheekily running his eyes down to her breasts. "Another drink later perhaps" she replied, "After I've had a bath". She quite enjoyed teasing this young man, this boy really. "Of course Madam, here is my card, call me directly and I will provide whatever you wish". She laughed, "Thank you Henry" she said as she returned the signed charge slip to him and opened the door to see him out.

She sipped her Martini and wandered into the bathroom. Topping the bath up with hot water she placed the drink on the edge of the bath and undressed in front of the mirror. She had grown to love her body and she liked being naked, admiring the results of good diet and exercise, yes she looked great. She allowed herself a brief touch, hand over her breast and lightly down between her legs. She stopped, there would be plenty of time for that later, and she had plans, plans just for herself. 

She eased into the water, warm, almost too warm but she knew her body would quickly grow accustomed to the water. She sat back and enjoyed her first luxurious bath in too long. She loved a long soak, a time to clear her mind and spoil herself a little. The cool martini slid down rather well and she considered ringing Henry for another, there was a phone in the bathroom, a charming little anachronism from another time. She dozed and let the water wash away her cares.

She woke a little startled, there was a knock on the door. "Room Service" the voice said. She knew at once it was Henry. "I'm in the bath" she replied. "That’s fine madam, I will let myself in" he said as she heard the door click and footsteps. "Shall I leave it here" he asked standing at the bathroom door. She looked up and clearly saw him in the mirror, and realized at once he could see her. "You are lucky I'm comfortable in my own skin Henry" she replied, "I could ring the manager and complain you know. Are you this familiar with all the guests Henry?” "Only the beautiful naked ones Madam" he replied quickly.

She laughed; at least he had a sense of humor and could carry his cheeky approach. "I didn't order another drink Henry, why are you here?”  "The young lady in room 1122 sent it for you, she asked me if I had delivered a drink to room 952 this evening. When I told her she ordered you another martini and gave me this note for you" he grinned. Clearly Henry enjoyed such games between guests and was a more than willing facilitator. 

"Will that be all Madam" he asked lurking expectantly at the door. "Yes thank you Henry, that will be all for now" she replied smiling back at him. She was something of a cock tease and liked the idea of him hurrying back to work, his head full of her, perhaps taking a detour to the bathroom to quickly jerk off.  "Wait, before you leave could you pass me a towel from the rack please, it's time I got out". He nodded and stood in silence as she stepped out of the bath and took the towel from him. "Thank you Henry, that will be all" she said wrapping the towel around herself, just slowly enough to ensure he had seen her naked body, her perfect breasts and smooth mound. 

"Thank you Madam" he replied as he made his way to the door. He was clearly used to this sort of behavior and she returned the grin he flashed her as he left. She laughed, she wasn't the sort of girl to fuck the help but she enjoyed playing with him, showing him more than he expected, teasing him. She also knew that he would behave, a single complaint would see him lose his job. "This is becoming a fun evening,” she thought to herself, for a moment pondering a little scheme to get him back and then dismissing the thought.

She picked up the drink from the bench and sipped. "Mmmm this place makes a good Martini" she thought to herself. She took the envelope he had left and opened it and began to read.

"Hey Ms. room 952, we met in the lift earlier. Thought you might like another drink. Andrew's idea of a romantic weekend in a hotel seems to differ from mine; he is asleep snoring on the bed and will be out of it for hours. He needs to learn to drink a little less. Anyway that doesn't need to ruin my night, wondered if you would like some company? Call me on 1122, Anna x"

Ella hesitated, Anna was an attractive young woman and from her message had a sense of fun. The sort of girl she would be interested in getting to know, from a friendship point of view at least and yes, perhaps sexually as well. She had planned out an evening of self-indulgence, giving herself some much needed attention and packed accordingly. Yet she was curious and wondered if an hour or so with Anna might be interesting.

Still not completely sure she picked up the phone and dialed Anna’s room. After what must have been 6 or more rings the phone was answered. “Hello, Anna speaking” said the chirpy voice at the other end of the phone. “Hi Anna, this is Ella from room 952. I just wanted to thank you for the Martini and ask, how did you know my room number?” “Ahhh” replied Anna, “While Andrew was busy making an ass of himself and checking you out I noted your room number from your key tag. I have an eye for detail”.

“Is he still asleep?” Ella asked. “Like a baby, he wont be awake until the morning now. Welcome to my life!” replied Anna. “That’s so unfair” Ella responded. “Would you like to come down to my room for a drink and watch a movie?” Ella asked. “I’d love to, is now good?”, “Of course” Ella replied, “See you soon”.

In what seemed like 60 seconds there was a knock at the door. Ella answered and was met by Anna smiling back at her. “Hi Ella, I’m Anna. Pleased to meet you” she said holding her hand out to Ella. Anna was dressed in a t-shirt, jeans and sandals and followed her into the room. “This is so nice of you Ella, thanks to Andrew my night was looking like a write off. How about I order us some drinks?”. Ella smiled as Anna picked up the phone and ordered 4 more martinis. “Please deliver to room 952 and charge room 1122” she concluded and hung up. “Andrew may as well pay for our drinks,” she said grinning at Ella.

“So what would you like to watch Anna?” she asked. “Well Andrew and I had decided on something, I’m not sure you would approve though Ella”. “Try me, I’m open minded” she answered wondering just what mischievous Anna had in mind. “Well if you’re sure, we are adults after all”. “Andrew and I like to watch a little porn, nothing too bad, just couples or perhaps two girls and a guy. He cant get enough and I kind of like it too”. “I see,” said Ella smiling at her. “I had been thinking of a little fun myself this evening and watching something like that might help to really get me in the mood so why not, lets. See what’s on the in-house adult channels if you like”

“Actually, I bought my own Ella, I hope you don’t mind. Shall I put it on?”. “Well that’s certainly not what I was expecting” Ella smirked; this was going to be a fun night. “Lets wait for our drinks to arrive,” said Ella, quickly thinking to herself that she wished she had dressed, she was there in her bathrobe and nothing else. “Sure” said Anna. They settled into the couch and chatted, background talk.

The knock at the door and “Room Service” voice stopped Anna mid sentence; she like Ella knew it was Henry. She answered and let him in, picking up the charge docket and signing it before shooing him out the door. “I think he would have liked to stay,” laughed Ella. “Yes I do believe he would just love that, shame tonight’s girls only. Shame for him anyway” replied Anna.

“Lets watch the movie shall we?” Anna asked. “Yes lets” grinned Ella. This would be fun she thought to herself. Anna was a girl to her own heart, nice on the outside and an obvious dirty streak that she was about to see. Anna grabbed the remote control and pressed Play. “There’s something else you need to know” said Anna. “What’s that?” replied Ella.

“Well Ella you seem like a nice woman with a healthy interest in sex so I think I an trust you with this and I think you will like it. Andrew and I, um, we like to make home movies, basically he has the toys and we make our own porn. Sometimes just us, sometimes with another girl. This one was taken by a friend while Andrew and I had his girlfriend.”

Ella blushed a little; this wasn’t quite what she expected. “Are you sure you’re cool with this?” Anna asked. “Well it’s not at all what I was expecting but yes I’d love to watch, you have me intrigued now”. “Ok but I warn you, it’s explicit” Anna replied. “I’m a grown up” said Ella as she felt that familiar twinge between her legs. Here she was with pretty Anna about to watch her get naked with Andrew and another woman. Not quite the evening she had planned but at least as exciting.

The video started up, the title screen “Anna, Sarah and Me”, the me obviously being Andrew, Ella surmised. And there she was, Anna standing in front of Sarah undoing her jeans and helping her undress followed by Sarah doing the same for Anna. Andrew lay in the bed, looking up at them, watching them shyly touch each other bodies.

Anna led Sarah to the bed and then the fun began, naked bodies entwined, Sarah fingering Anna, Andrews cock in Anna’s mouth. She watched intently oblivious to Anna. Anna sat back watching Ella’s face, watching her smile, watching her biting her lip. “I’m glad you like this Ella” she said after a few minutes, “I was worried you wouldn’t approve”. “I love it Anna, this is so hot sitting here watching you do this. It’s like seeing a fantasy played out in front of me”.

“Andrew and I discussed a fantasy earlier Ella. One that involved making a movie with you. I hope that doesn’t shock you?” Ella gasped; this was far more than she bargained for. “Shocked isn’t quite the word” she stammered as she felt herself blush.

“Well the offer is there if it’s something you would like to be involved in at some stage. For now lets enjoy the movie. Do you mind if I lose some clothes?” “Be my guest” replied Ella. Anna stood and removed her t-shirt and jeans and stood in front of her in a very sexy black lace bra and thong. “Would you like me to leave these on?” she asked. “No I’d like you to take them off” replied Ella.

Anna slowly removed her bra and panties and settled back into the couch naked. She let her hand run down between her legs as she watched herself in the video. “Tell me if you want me to stop but this makes me so horny that I need to touch myself. I’d love you to do the same Ella”.

Ella squirmed. Here she was watching this stranger not only in a video but sitting in her hotel room, naked and touching herself. She sat there mesmerized and watched Anna, ignoring the video, sighing as Anna’s hand went down over her stomach and between her thighs, over her smooth mound, gradually building up tempo as she began to slide a finger into herself.

Ella hesitated and slowly undid the tie on her robe, there was no place for shyness now, she was so wet and so horny she had to touch herself, expose herself to this woman, enjoy the moment with her. She let her robe fall aside and began to pleasure herself too, her gaze moving from the video to Anna and back again. This was quite some evening.

“You know you can touch if you want Ella, you don’t need to be shy, Id love to feel your touch”. That was all the invitation she needed, kneeling down in front of Anna on the couch, attentively cupping her left breast in her hand and leaning over to kiss Anna’s stomach.

Ella had grown to love women’s bodies and Anna was no exception, soft smooth skin and a delicate fresh smell. Everything she loved about a woman. She felt Anna’s hand through her hair as it guided her head down between her thighs, parting them and her leaning back into the arm of the couch to give Ella better access.

“Andrew is going to be so fucking jealous when I tell him what we are doing” she laughed. Ella smiled and focused on the task at hand, Anna’s thighs and the treasure between them, her smooth mound, swollen lips and beautiful wet cunt.

She loved the unique taste of a woman, something she couldn’t quite describe, not exactly sweet, certainly not bitter, just that unmistakable taste of pussy, the taste that she had grown to love, firstly her own taste and then that of other women as she became more adventurous.

Anna groaned as Ella’s tongue teased her lips apart, she loved being eaten out by another woman and Ella knew what she was doing, she had clearly done this before. The soft caress of her breath, the flick of her tongue over her clit, the long slow, deliberate parting of her lips. “Mmmm Ella, that is just wonderful, don’t stop”.

Ella pushed Anna back further onto the couch. She loved her taste, her swollen lips the way her body moved in time with her thrusting tongue and above all the sounds of Anna and her friend from the movie. She came up for air and looked at Anna smiling down at her. “In my handbag Ella, find my vibrator and use it on me. The one in the movie” she said pointing at the screen.

Ella sat back on the floor and watched, just for a minute or two. She sat there open mouth watching Anna pleasuring herself with a vibrator, the same vibrator he had sent her, the purple Lelo. “Oh my god, I have one of those too” she stammered looking around at Anna. “Aren’t they just fantastic!” “Totally” replied Anna, “I hope you have yours here too Ella”.

Ella blushed, “Yes I do. I think we need them both don’t you Anna?” “Yes Ella I believe we do” she replied. Ella went to the her bag and found her vibrator, she had planned a little time with it this evening and now seemed as good a time as any. She quickly found Anna’s in her handbag and passed it to her, clearly she was a woman of good taste.

They sat back on the couch beside each other, looked and each other and laughed. “Andrew will be furious you know, he would love to be watching this” Anna said smiling at her. “Watch the movie and enjoy yourself Ella”. They both settled back and watched intently. Ella was a little shy at first but given what she was watching on the screen and Anna doing the same next to her it wasn’t long before she joined in.

Slowly at first and then more and more and more urgent they both reached orgasm. Anna came first and Ella quickly followed. Satisfied they lay back on the couch and looked across at one another. “What now” Ella wondered to herself.

“Mmmm Ella, I enjoyed that”, Anna said, smiling back at her. “Do you think you’re up for some more fun?” “Depends on what the fun is I expect Anna, feel free to tell me what you’re thinking” Ella replied. “Well Ella,” she began.

“Andrew and I had planned a romantic weekend, a few drinks after work and a night here. I was expecting a decent fuck, in fact several, a night of dirty passion. We had planned to video ourselves fucking and send the results to a few of our special friends. You can be on the list form now on if you like”. “Mmmm yes I would like,” replied Ella. “Go on” she urged.

“Well, Andrew is hopeless, even if he wasn’t asleep he wouldn’t get it up and so that aspect of my night is a write off. I think I still deserve a decent fucking; I’ve been looking forward to it all week. Don’t you agree?” “Yes I do Anna. What did you have in mind?” Ella replied.

“What do you think about making the night of that cocky little man from room service? I’m happy to fuck him if you just want to watch, but there needs to be a twist, if he wants some of me he’s going to have to earn it”. Ella smiled; she liked the sound of this. “How are we going to make him earn it Anna?”

“Well Ella, how about I shoot back to our room and get our video camera. You can video me fucking him, Id love to give that to Andrew as punishment for this evenings behavior and you can join in if you like”. “Yes I like the sign of that” Ella replied. Secretly she was a tiny bit jealous, she doubted she would just fuck a stranger like that but the thought of some penis was one she liked, it had been too long.

“Ok you ring him, ask him to bring up two more drinks and if he can get us some condoms while I go and collect the camera”. Anna quickly threw some of her clothes back on, no underwear and left, saying to Ella “I will be right back, don’t you dare start without me!” as she walked out the door. Ella sat there a little stunned, was she really doing this? Was Anna nuts, some random guy and one so sure of himself, why would she encourage a guy like that?

Ella picked up the card Henry had given her earlier and dialed his personal mobile number. “Hi Henry, its Ella here from room 925, I tried ringing room service and couldn’t get through. Are you still on duty?” She asked, knowing that he would see straight through her white lie. “No I’m not, I’ve just finished for the evening but I’m happy to help, what can I get you Madam?”. “Well we would like two more drinks please and wondered if you could do a favor for us and bring some condoms too please”.

“Of course Madam, I will be up with those in around 10 minutes” he said not missing a beat. She imagined him grinning to himself and wondering who the condoms were for, but to his credit he had taken it in his stride. “Thank you Henry” she replied, hanging up the phone. Anna knocked at the door and Ella let her in. She was carrying a video camera and tripod. “Drinks all organised?” she asked. “Yes he will be here in 5 minutes or so” Ella replied.

“Great, lets give him something to see then shall we?”. Ella stopped for a second and realised she was still in her robe, her untied robe. She instinctively reached for the belt and tied it around her waist. “Don’t worry Ella I’m happy to be the floor show” said Anna. “How about this for a scene for him to walk in on? You operating the camera and me sitting on the couch using by vibrator. You think he would like to walk in on that?”

“Oh my god yes, I know I would” laughed Ella. “You sure you’re ok being that brazen? I know I couldn’t be!” “Yes Ella, I will let you in on a little secret if you like”. “What’s that?” replied Ella. “Well Henry and I know each other, in fact we’ve been to this hotel before and he’s played this sort of game before”. “You’re kidding!” said Ella.

This was a twist she hadn’t expected. Clearly Henry knew more about this scenario than she did and had been a willing conspirator. Things fell into place for Ella, Henry had told Anna what room she was in, had arranged to bring her a second drink, Anna had suggested calling him as soon as he was off his shift, it all made sense now.

“You are a very devious woman Anna, but I like the games you play. You think Henry would enjoy seeing me naked at the camera?” “I know he would Ella, I called him just after you did to see what he thought of you and he was most insistent that he wanted us both if at all possible. Would you like to share my penis for the night with me Ella? Does the thought of his cock in you after it’s been in me turn you on?”

Ella undid her robe and let it hang free, she would let Henry have a peek of her naked body, having her would be a different matter. 


  1. Excellent Mark and Ella, what a great scenario. Looking forward very much to hear how the rest of the story unfolds.

  2. Fantastic story... Makes me wish I was Henry...


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